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Under the Neon

Demon's Eye Under the Neon artwork

Demon’s Eye started as a Purple cover band back in 1998, and progressively graduated into playing their own music. They are releasing a second album of original material — called Under the Neon — in September. This is again a collaboration with Doogie White, who did vocals on the album. Their previous effort The Stranger Within came out in 2011 and was very Rainbow-esque, to the point that truly your characterized is as sounding like a follow up to Stranger in Us All. Well, if the first preview track is any indication, the band has definitely matured, and while the influences are unmistakably there, this is a very solid original effort. It would not find itself out of place on any family tree album.

Judge for yourself:

Doogie White – Vocals
Mark Zyk – Guitars
Gert-Jan Naus – Organ & Keyboards
Andree Schneider – Drums
Maik Keller – Bass

Track listing:

  1. Epic
  2. Road to Glory
  3. Closer to Heaven
  4. Five Knuckle Shuffle
  5. Welcome to my World
  6. Finest Moment
  7. Fallen Angel
  8. Master of Destiny
  9. Dancing on Air
  10. Blood Red Sky
  11. The Messenger

Total Time: 53:04

Produced by:
Andree Schneider

The album is due out on September 18 and can be preordered from the band’s website.

Demon’s Eye featuring Doogie White on Tour:

02nd Oct. 2015 D-Siegburg, Kubana
03rd Oct. 2015 D-Siegen, Lyz
04th Oct. 2015 NL-Limburg, Asta Theater
09th Oct. 2015 D- Soest, Alter Schlachthof
10th Oct. 2015 D-Bensheim, Musiktheater Rex
11th Oct. 2015 D-Karlsruhe, Festhalle Durlach
15th Oct. 2015 D-Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk
16th Oct. 2015 D-Dortmund, Musiktheater Piano
17th Oct. 2015 D-Isernhagen, Blues Garage

7 Comments to “Under the Neon”:

  1. 1
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Rock and roll has been my world…. you are welcome to it.

  2. 2
    kraatzy says:

    Yeah …

    That IS the best Deep Purple (ex-/Cover) Band on earth.

    Why (ex-/)Cover) ?
    Yeah, they play DP and Rainbow songs, but now they have their second CD on the market and they are awesome and autonomous with their music in the style of early Deep Purple (with Ritchie Blackmore) and the early Rainbow.
    Take a look to YouTube and their banjoman Mark Zyk and you know what I mean !!!

    The essence is: If you like Rainbow and Deep Purple (with R.B.) .. you will like Demons Eye too.

    And of course, you know the singer: Doogie White, who does a very great job

    See you (maybe) in Whv on Oct. 15

    P.S. Hope to see Demons Eye soon in Bhv (my home town)



  3. 3
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Great stuff, great video.

    If you order the CD on the wensite you will get TWO BONUS TRACKS (the second one in memory of Jon Lord). So you’ll have 13 tracks / 63 minues,

    But only if you order on their homepage.

    A musthave for any Deep Purple /Rainbow /Doogie White fan.

  4. 4
    Purple Ron says:

    Sounds really fantastic and autenthic like in the good ol’ days. On October 4th Demon’s Eye are playing an exclusive Benelux-only show @ Asta Theater in BEEK (Limburg), The Netherlands. The support band is a truly magnificent Led Zeppelin tribute band called Steeler. A fantastic rock show to visit!!! LONG LIVE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL…

  5. 5
    Dave says:

    I must say– first time a new project has come out that has held my attention in some time… I hear Essence of Rising/ Strangers… Original : yet contains the spirit of the day…. I’ll buy it… Not a rehashed mash of stuff I already bleed… Keep up the good work and tour these here states boys 🙂

  6. 6
    nupsi59 says:


    Everything sounds great, and with the Bob Seger-look-alike Doogie White!

    Think to have this…

    Have a nice Day!

  7. 7
    leonr2z says:

    Must admit I like what I am hearing. Parts of this song remind me of Stargazer. Might well buy the album.

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