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February 15
Gillan DVD
Ian Gillan's concert from Edinburgh 1980 with his band "Gillan" will be released on DVD March 13. You can preorder the DVD in our shop.

February 15
Deep Purple Interview
There are two interviews with Deep Purple (Roger Glover and Don Airey) in the Polish magazine "Teraz Rock" (February issue).
Thanks to
Joasia Ostrowiecka for the information.

February 5
Deep Purple on German TV
Deep Purple can been seen live tomorrow on German TV. First at Früstücksfernsehen (Sat 1) sometime between 06.00 - 09.00 and later at Leute Heute (ZDF) between 17.45 - 18.00.
Thanks to
Sat 1 and ZDF for the information.

February 3
Rapture Tour Edition CD
The special tour edition of "Rapture Of The Deep" which we reported about before, will now be a limited double CD. You can order the CD in our shop.
1. Money Talks
2. Girls Like That
3. Wrong Man
4. Rapture Of The Deep
5. Clearly Quite Absurd
6. Don't Let Go
7. Back To Back
8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
9. MTV
10. Junkyard Blues
11. Before Time Began
+ Enhanced Part: Exclusive Studio Footage and E.P.K.

1. Clearly Quite Absurd (new version)
2. Things I Never Said (Japan bonus track)
3. The Well Dressed Guitar (unreleased)
4. Rapture Of The Deep (live)
5. Wrong Man (live)
6. Highway Star (live)
7. Smoke On The Water (live)
8. Perfect Strangers (live)
The live tracks are from London October 10, 2005
Thanks to
The Aviator and DPAS for the information.

February 3
New Live CD and DVD
A new Deep Purple live CD and  DVD is on the way. It's Deep Purple concert from Montreux festival July 9, 1996. Track list for both the DVD and CD is:
Ted The Mechanic
Pictures Of Home
Black Night
Woman From Tokyo
No One Came
When A Blind Man Cries
Hey Cisco
Speed King
Smoke On The Water
This is the full gig, which was shorter than usual. The DVD and CD also includes two bonus tracks from the concert at Montreux festival July 22, 2000. "Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" and "Fools". The CD and DVD will be released May 1.
Thanks to
DPAS and Scott for the information.

February 3
Roger Glover Interview
A new interview with Roger Glover  is done by The Highway Star's own editor Rasmus Heide. You can check out the interview here (in Danish).

February 3
Roger Glover & Alice Cooper
Roger Glover will be Alice Cooper's special guest on Cooper's radio show "Nights with Alice Cooper". It will be broadcast on February 7. For people in the USA, check here to find your radio station.
Thanks to
Blabbermouth.net for the information.

February 3
New Deep Purple book
There will be a new version of the Didi Zill's Deep Purple book. Didi says that the Deep Purple book was the first, some mistakes were made (but not in the following 10 books he did with
Schwarzkopf by now). The new version will have the texts in German and English. Currently they are thinking about adding the current line-up (if they agree to do a session).
Thanks to
The Aviator for the information.

February 3
Ian Gillan Speech
There will be an "Oscar" for promoters, agents etc in Hamburg, Germany February 16 and Ian Gillan will hold a speech.
Thanks to
web.de for the information.

January 27
Ian Gillan Interview
 Jeb Wright at "Classic Rock Revisited"did an interview with Ian Gillan recently. Here is a few bits:

"I think the way Purple goes about their business – we just don’t want to be called a classic rock band. I don’t really mind it but I just want to make that point."

"We are going on the road for two years to support the album. People ask me how I can do that at age 60. I still get a tickle in my tummy on show day. I have to meditate and hold down my adrenaline level. It is still an incredible challenge to be on stage with Deep Purple every day."

About Deep Purple family tree:
"It’s not a tree. It is a fucking jungle!"

About "Rapture Of The Deep":
"I don’t know if anyone in the band is still disappointed in the cover. All I can say is that it has the total support of the record company and the management. I hope no one within the band is disappointed; they have not said anything to me. As I say, it was Roger’s ideas. Paicey loves it. Don wanted a more heavy metal cover."

About "Rapture Of The Deep":
"I think Roger did a fantastic job under great pressure. I have no doubt that it is the best cover Deep Purple has done since In Rock"

Read the whole interview here.
Thanks to
Classic Rock Revisited for the information.

January 24
Butterfly Ball DVD
"The Butterfly Ball" film will finally be released on DVD. It feature a performance from Royal Albert Hall 16th October 1975 by Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale among others. The film has also animations. Here you can read more about Butterfly Ball. The DVD will be released March 14. You can preorder the DVD in our shop.

January 22
Rapture Tour Edition CD
Edel  will release a special Tour Edition of "Rapture Of The Deep". The release date is set to February 2. The album will feature 4 additional live recordings as well as the 10 original tracks. You can preorder the CD in our shop.
1. Money Talks
2. Girls Like That
3. Wrong Man
4. Rapture Of The Deep
5. Clearly Quite Absurd
6. Don't Let Go
7. Back To Back
8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
9. Junkyard Blues
10. Before Time Began
11. Rapture Of The Deep (live)
12. Wrong Man (live)
13. Highway Star (live)
14. Smoke On The Water (live)
Thanks to
Rockahead for the information.

January 22
Steve Morse Letter
Steve Morse took some time off and wrote a letter the day after of the the premier of Rapture Of The Deep World Tour. Here is a few bits:

"Last night was our first official night of the "Rapture" tour. We played about 6 tunes from the album. While some of the endings were, uh, quite spontaneous, overall it felt great."

"There seems to be more lights, screens and stuff backstage than I can remember ever seeing, so the show will look and sound good from out front, I expect."

Read the full letter here
Thanks to
Steve Morse for the information.

January 21
Ian Gillan Video Interview
FaceCulture met Ian Gillan  in Amsterdam. They discussed the history of Deep Purple, the new album "Rapture Of The Deep", church, religion, death, suicide, Bono, infinity, the metafysical world etc. Watch the video interview here.
Thanks to
FaceCulture for the information.

January 18
World Tour Premiere Setlist UPDATED
This is the correct setlist from last night's Deep Purple World Tour opening show at The Astoria in London:

Pictures of Home
Things I Never Said
Wrong Man
Ted the Mechanic
Living Wreck
Rapture of the Deep
Back To Back
Before Time Began
Contact Lost
Well-Dressed Guitar
Keyboard Solo
Perfect Strangers
Junkyard Blues
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Space Truckin
Highway Star
Smoke on The Water
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Black Night

Pictures from the show can be found here.

January 17
Ian Gillan on the Radio
Tony Iommi has announced that Ian Gillan will appear on his "Black Sunday" radio show on the UK digital station Planet Rock this coming Sunday, January 22nd. The show runs from 19:00 to 21:00 GMT.
Thanks to
DPAS for the information.

January 6
Helsinki Aftershow Party
After Deep Purple's concert in Helsinki, Finland on February 1, there will be aftershow party at the club "On The Rocks" in Helsinki. "Dr. Purple" will play there at 23.30.
Thanks to
PSOF for the information.

January 4
Ian Gillan Interview
Larry Getlen at Bankrate.com did an interview with Ian Gillan recently. Here is a few bits:

About "Rapture Of The Deep":

"In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable records, in a creative sense, we've ever done -- very similar to how we worked in '69 and '70. The band was very hot, and there was not a single note or word written or preconceived notion of how the album would be."

"We have some fantastic fans in America, but there's an industry thing in the States called classic rock. If you were a success in the '60s and '70s and '80s, you fall into that bracket, and consequently you're considered to be dead and buried. You're a historical event rather then a contemporary act. Whereas around the world, we tend to be viewed more in the context of the current, living, thriving Deep Purple."

"The biggest income we make is from live performances, without any doubt. That's about a 4-to-1 ratio from anything else."

Read the whole interview here.
Thanks to
Bankrate.com for the information.

December 15
Deep Purple Exhibition
There will be a Deep Purple exhibition in Cologne, Germany with paintings of the artist Evi Ivan. The exhibition starts January 6 and ends March 3. Roger Glover will visit the exhibition sometime in February. For more info, see the flyer or visit the website.
Thanks to
Kunst und Kultur and Roger Glover for the information.

December 13
Deep Purple Special
The Swedish magazine Red Hot Rock Magazine issue 22 (out now) have a Deep Purple special issue with 14 pages covering the band including a brand new interview with Ian Gillan.
Thanks to
Jesper Almén for the information.

December 6
Ian Paice charity show
"Ian Paice and Friends" has been confirmed for a charity show in Reading, UK on Friday January 13, 2006. All profits from the event will be donated to organiser DrumWright's adopted charity, Tong-Len, which supports primary education for highly deprived children in Northern India. DrumWright managing director Chris Wright says:
"Ian has been kind enough to donate his services for free - and not for the first time. We arranged a drum clinic to raise funds for the NSPCC in 1999, and not long after, he appeared in BBC's 'Children in Need', performing his party piece, the one-handed drum roll."
This time, DrumWright wanted Paice to demonstrate his skills in a musical context with other top musicians. No names has been revealed yet but the organisers promise "some big names from rock - and some fresh young talent too."

December 5
Smoke On The Water - mp3
As we reported about before, Ian Gillan's upcoming solo album, "Gillan's Inn" will be released in February. Here you can listen on a mp3 sample of Smoke On The Water.
Thanks to
Nick Blagona for the information.

November 28
Ian Gillan Interview
Metal Shrine did a interview with Ian Gillan recently. Here is a few bits:

About which new songs to play live:
"I would guess, in addition to "Rapture Of The Deep", "Wrong Man" and "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye", which we´re already doing... when the tour starts in January we will almost certainly do "Junkyard blues". Possibly "Clearly Quite Absurd", because that may fit in as a quieter track . I´m not sure if it´s gonna work on stage, we´ll have to see. I would think probably six or seven tracks. But then again we may play all of them and just rotate them on different nights."

About Ritchie Blackmore want to do one off show with Deep Purple:
"I´ve read that too, yes. He´s dreaming! Why on earth would we do something with that guy...that brought the band to the edge of ruination. It´s just ludicruos! We spent the last ten years rebuilding the reputation and the style and the quality of the music. There´s no way on earth that will happen!"

About Steve Morse sitting out and Michael Bradford fill in:
"His wife has been very ill and he´s nursing her back home. She´s had three major operations and fingers crossed she´s getting better now, but it is a slow recovery. She´s very weak. So we´re doing this promotion tour and suggested...well, our producer Michael Bradford, and he said he would love to come and fill in and he´s a wonderful musician and I fell off my chair laughing...he´s a big, huge black man from Detroit and he introduced himself to the tv producer yesterday, and he said "Hello, my name is Richie Moreblack!" (laughs)".

Read the whole interview here.
Thanks to
Metal Shrine for the information.

November 27
Steve Morse Interview
Phil Kafcaloudes at Breakfast Club, Radio Australia, did a interview with Steve Morse a few days ago. Listen here on the interview.

November 20
Michael Bradford temporary replacement for Steve Morse
Producer Michael Bradford ("Bananas", "Rapture of the Deep") will replace Steve Morse at the European tv appearances that are coming up shortly. Steve Morse is unable to appear with the band due to personal reasons. Morse will be back with the band for the world tour starting on January 17 in London.

November 20
Deep Purple on Swedish tv
Deep Purple are scheduled to appear on the Swedish game show "Bingolotto". The show airs on channel TV4 at 18.00 on Sunday November 27. The band will play one new song from "Rapture of the Deep" and one oldie.

November 10
ROTD in the charts
A user in the Deep Purple Fan Forum has compiled chart information from the world. Here is the list over which place in the charts "Rapture of the Deep" debuted in each country:
Germany: 10
Finland: 11
Swiss: 16
Austria: 20
Sweden: 22
Italy: 26
Czech Republic: 32
Poland: 40
England: 81

November 10
Roger Glover interview
Rockdetector has published a new interview with Roger Glover. Among other things, Glover talks about EMI's decision to stop working with Deep Purple: "It was a total mystery to me why EMI decided not to continue the relationship."

November 10
ROTD sales in the USA and UK
Reports from the USA say that Deep Purple's new album "Rapture of the Deep" sold 2500 copies during it's first week in the shops. In the UK, the album sold 3500 copies the first week and 1200 copies the week after. This took the album to #81 in the charts first week and #184 the week after.

November 6
250 German guitarists play SOTW
On Saturday November 5, "Smoke on the Water" was in focus in Germany's biggest tv show "Wetten dass" on ZDF. 250 guitarists gathered in Mannheim, Germany to play the classic Deep Purple riff together with German actor Uwe Ochsenknecht ("Das Boot", "Männer").
A video clip of the event can be found at the bottom of this page (click on "Stadtwette").

November 5
California Jam DVD
DPAS reports that the new California Jam DVD is ready to be released the week starting November 21st 2005. EMI has already sent out some promo copies to journalists. As with the recently released "Live in Concert 72/73", this DVD will be released by EMI worldwide, except for America where it will be released byt Spitfire/Eagle and in Japan where VAP handles the release. The DVD contains an unreleased bonus track, "Lay Down, Stay Down", as well as alternate versions of two tracks with different camera angles. Other bonus materials are an interview with Ian Paice, a historical commentary, a picture and image gallery, a number of audio options, unseen Super 8mm clips from back-stage and the control tower, on screen histories, footage of the band's arrival on Starship 1 etc.
A special edition containing a reproduction of concert ticket, the rare poster and backstage passes will be available to customers buying the DVD from the DPAS mail order catalogue. DPAS is also working on a a special Cal Jam t-shirt we hopes to be able to supply this too.

November 5
Deep Purple on German tv
Deep Purple are interviewed in a German tv show called "Motobike goes rock'n'roll". The program focuses on the 25th anniversary of German motorbike company Polo. Deep Purple played at the company's anniversary party at the bike shop on September 5. The program airs on DSF on November 11 at 21.45 CET.
Thanks to Bjørn Sund for the information.

November 5
New Ian Paice interview
Metal Express Radio has interviewed Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice about Deep Purple's past and present.
Thanks to Bjørn Sund for the information.

November 5
Deep Purple on US television
Deep Purple will appear on VH1C in a show called "Hangin with...". Air times is 6 AM and 6 PM on November 7, 3 PM on November 11 and 3 AM on November 12.
Thanks to Ronald Huther for the information.

November 5
"Smoke on the Water" in South African commercial
The classic Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water" is being used in the new Nissan Murano tv commercials in South Africa.
Thanks to Raymond Verster for the information.

November 5
Deep Purple on US radio
Deep Purple are coming back to nationally syndicated US radio show "Rockline" on November 16. The live show starts at 8.30 pm PT/11.30 pm ET and fans are encouraged to call in with questions for the band during the program at 1-800-344-ROCK (7625).

November 5
More "Rapture of the Deep" in the charts
"Rapture of the Deep" jumps straight into number 3 in BBC Radio 1 Top 40 Rock Albums. In Sweden, the album went premiered at number 22 on the Swedish album sales chart. In Germany, the album debuted at number 10 but dropped out of the top 25 the week after.
Thanks to Bjørn Sund for the BBC information.

November 1
"Rapture of the Deep" straight in at #8 in BBC album chart
"Rapture of the Deep" jumps straight into number 8 on the BBC Radio 1 Top 40 Indie Albums chart.

November 1
Gillan plays favorite tracks on BBC Radio 2
Ian Gillan is choosing "The Tracks Of My Years" this week on Ken Bruce's morning show on Radio 2. On October 31 he chose the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" and The Police "Roxanne", with a bit of banter in between the tracks.
Each days show can be listened to via the 'Listen Again' feature from the BBC Radio 2 website. It is at about 2 hrs 10 minutes into the programme (you can skip forward in 15 min and 5 min increments).
Thanks to Jack Taylor for the information.

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