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Singing in the rain

Deep Purple performed at the Hohentwiel Festival in Germany on July 21, and paid a tribute to the German soccer team, which was recently crowned as world champions. The festival was held in the city of Singen, which means singing in German, and under the pouring rain Singing in the Rain jokes were, quite naturally, abound.

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Purple return to Budokan

Deep Purple live at Nippon Budokan (Tokyo, Japan 2014-04-12)

After more than 40 years of worshipping all things Purple, I finally made my pilgrimage to The Budokan in Tokyo to hear Deep Purple play at this storied arena, the place where my favourite album of all time, Made in Japan, was created.

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Deep purple in Tel Aviv

Deep Purple live at Nokia Arena (Tel Aviv, Israel 2014-02-22)

A superb performance by the band and they sound the same as they were 40 years ago. Being a fan in the great audience I enjoyed the whole performance , feeling young and bringing back memories from the rocking years of the 60′s & 70′s.

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Bringing colour to Tel-Aviv

Israeli English language daily The Jerusalem Post has a very positive, if somewhat superficial, review of the first gig (February 22) in Tel-Aviv:

The ‘explosion’ on the stage started at 9:30 p.m.

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Seeing a bunch of old friends in Copenhagen

Falconer Salen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I went to see the band last night in Copenhagen. It’s been a few years and I actually enjoyed it. Sound was the best I’ve heard from them and like seeing a bunch of old friends I delighted in the reconnect, not knowing if and when I would see them again.

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Above and Beyond Excellence

Deep Purple live at SAP Arena (Mannheim, Germany 2013-11-02)

Powerful from start to finish with sweet humour from all the lads, Mr G. cracking puns and rabbiting funny stuff.
FRIENDS: they are NOT old, but older – ie even more experienced
They were ALL outstanding virtuosos … as were the crowd ( – and I reckon the top performance from the Peter team got us in a great mood B4 DP commenced.

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Back on track

Deep Purple live at SAP Arena (Mannheim, Germany 2013-11-02)

We (six of us) went to see the boys in Mannheim. Peter Frampton was good and is still a master of the voice box and his several guitars.

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Can I take my son to a Deep Purple concert?

Deep Purple live at Westfalenhalle (Dortmund, Germany 2013-11-01)

First of all let me make it clear that I was on the very skeptical side when I read the reviews of the Regensburg gig.

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Other viewpoints – the UK tour

I guess sometimes you have to be there to know. However here’s a couple more reviews from the UK tour, covering both sides of the coin….

Purple returned to Glasgow on the back of the great new album and we were intrigued to see how much they would change their set to accommodate it.

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Deep Purple live at Donau Arena (Regensburg, Germany 2013-10-25)

With positive but nevertheless mixed feelings I remiss on the performance.
Frampton+co was good and funny. But Peter: ‘mit Euch’ nicht ‘mit Ihnen’ (chuckle!).

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