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Cozy Powell memorial plaque

A memorial plaque dedicated to Cozy Powell will be unveiled in his home town of Cirencester on January 7, reports local newspaper. The town council decided to create the plaque to commemorate the town’s most famous musician.

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Not just yet

David Coverdale spoke to Metropolis Radio from Macedonia some time before the show in the country on November 25. Along with now familiar story of how The Purple Album came into being, he also explained that this was supposed to wrap up his career, but he felt so revitalized that he started writing new music:

I was 63 years old, and I’m going, ‘Man, how long do I have to do this?

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Declining the invitation

From thew latest installment of Dear Friends published on Caramba!, it sounds like Gillan will not be accepting the induction:

Dear Friends, Families and Fans,

Putting the past shenanigans to one side, the induction is not – in clear fact – for Deep Purple.

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Somewhat complicated situation

Billboard has an interview with Paicey (who seems to be the go-to spokesman for the band these days). He didn’t say anything he hasn’t already said to Rolling Stone, just reconfirming the talking points:

  • somebody probably will show up at the induction ceremony;
  • who that will be and who will be performing what (if anybody and anything) is still up in the air at the moment;
  • everybody who was and is in the band should have be inducted.
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And publicity generate it does

Hot on the heels of the Hall of Fame announcement, Rolling Stone magazine has published an interview with Paicey:

Do you think part of the problem is so many voters are in America and you were never quite as big here as you were overseas?

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22 years too late

Apparently it happened, nevertheless. According to Billboard, it is Marks 1 to 3 that are inducted, while New York Times gives a list of members that include the first three lineups with the notable omission of Nick Simper. Induction ceremony will be held on April 8 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Read more »

Blackmore’s Night will go on

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night were interviewed on Rich Davenport’s Rock Show that aired on Total Rock this past weekend. They spoke (mostly) about All Our Yesterdays, which was released back in September.

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The Vinyl Collection

Kinda sorta news from the yet-another-re-release department: Universal Music is putting out a box set containing 7 studio albums on vinyl. And a bizarre selection it is — starting with Machine Head, and through to The House of Blue Light.

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The moment the bowler turns

Ian Gillan has an interview in Cricket Monthly, of all places. He talks about his passion and how his dayjob interferes with it:

What is your favourite ground to watch cricket?

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Paice + Purpendicular on tour

Ian Paice will play a(nother) string of dates next March with Purpendicular. The tour will be in support of the band’s new album tHis is the tHing#1, but the setlist will also include both Purple classics and rare tracks.

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