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Rainbow box sets

Two new Rainbow box sets are coming out.

The first is an 8LP vinyl set called The Polydor Years. It contains Rainbow studio albums from Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow to Bent out of Shape, plus On Stage.

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Something old, something new

The documentary DVD that was included in the 4CD+DVD box of the Made in Japan reissue this spring, will be released separately as a standalone DVD by Universal on December 12 (at least in continental Europe).

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Colin Hart interview revisited

The official YouTube channel has posted an expanded version of the video interview with Colin Hart. Colin started working for the band as a roadie back in 1971, then became tour manager for Elf, Rainbow, and post-reunion Deep Purple.

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JLT podcasts

Joe Lynn Turner was featured in couple of recent podcasts, promoting Rated X and talking Rainbow.

Talking Metal 504: his interview runs from around 22 minutes to 46 minutes mark into the podcast.

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JLT touts Rainbow reunion again

Joe Lynn Turner gave an interview to Metal Forces promoting the freshly released Rated X debut album. He said that guitar player Karl Cochran suffered a stroke while recording the album and Nikolo Kotzev had to finish it in his stead.

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Back to the Bone

There’s a new Whitesnake live album out — Live In ‘84 – Back To The Bone. It features the band in transition from the good old boogie band to the hair metal one.

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Bernie Torme talks Gillan

Bernie Torme is touring UK, promoting his latest solo album Flowers & Dirt. Metal Express Radio talked to him, and it's an interesting interview. He spoke about how he joined Gillan band, how he left, and quite a few things inbetween. (listen inside) Read more »

Airey in tribute to Gary Moore

Don ‘played with everybody and his dog’ Airey teamed up with his Gary Moore’s band mate Neil Murray, along with Vinny Appice, contributing to a cover of Gary’s track The Loner.

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Highway Star hotel

It's a slow news days and the weather in my heck of the woods is miserable, so every little bit of even mild amusement helps. Jeroen van Aken sent us this photo of a hotel sign where he stayed in Thailand. Read more »

2015 dates confirmed

All European dates previously announced for late 2015 (apart from two Swiss ones) have been confirmed by Deep Purple's management. Full details in our calendar. Read more »

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