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Big fat tires and everything

Ritchie Blackmore recently spoke to German national newspaper Die Welt. Quite curiously, his interview appears not in the arts or entertainment section, but in the automotive one.

Here’s the gist of what Blackmore the motorist had to say:

  • He didn’t get his driver’s license until he was 39.
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Glenn’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

Not sure if RnR Hall of Fame induction has raised Deep Purple’s profile in the States, but it certainly did for Glenn Hughes. He sat down to talk with Loudwire for their Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?

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UK dates added to Hughes’ tour

Nine dates in the UK have been announced for Glenn Hughes' joint tour with Living Colour. The dates are slotted between November 8th and 20th, right before the tour moves onto the continent. Tickets are either already on sale or will go shortly. Full details on our calendar. Read more »

Not a studio report

Roger Glover sends a brief update on what he’s been up to:

Not much to add since my last report except to say that work continues.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a few precious weeks at home before the next round begins.

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A Ritchie Blackmore band, but certainly not Rainbow

Rockpages.gr has an interview with JLT, in which he talks about his current projects (he just finished an acoustic tour of Greece), recalls what happened to Over The Rainbow, and gives his opinion on the current incarnation of Rainbow.

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Designed to express

Roger Glover did a series of phone-in interviews on American radio. These appear to have been arranged to promote the Hall of Fame induction broadcast due April 30 on US cable channel HBO.

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A family affair

An interesting gig popped up in our calendar. And it’s a family affair in more than one sense:

  • billed as Ian Gillan;
  • performing with Don Airey Band;
  • and an orchestra conducted by Stephen Bentley-Klein, who conducted the Deep Purple orchestral tour a few years back;
  • supported by Papa Le Gál, the band where Ian’s daughter Grace is a singer.
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BCC rising from the ashes?

Extra! Extra!

Looks like the supergroup Black Country Communion that imploded in late 2012 / early 2013 over what at the time seemed to be irreconcilable differences, might rise from the ashes some time next year.

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Rainbow Boston 1981

Rainbow’s Boston 1981 is being released by Cleopatra Records — the same label that brought you the three 1979 Rainbow live releases. The show was broadcast on the radio at the time and was subsequently widely bootlegged.

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Ein grosser Deutschlandfan

Blackmore did an interview with German publication Spiegel Online, and it is quite an entertaining read even in reverse translation done by a machine. He reveals in the interview that he visited Germany for the first time in 1563 as a touring minstrel.

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