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Hughes guests on The Lizards’ new album

Glenn Hughes is a guest vocalist on the upcoming album from classic rock band The Lizards The band is featuring another member of the family as well — Bobby Rondinelli. Titled Reptilicus Maximus, the album is due out on Hyperspace Records in September.

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Somebody might turn up

Fireworks magazine has an interview with Blackmore’s Night as their cover story for issue 71 (September-October 2015). They talk about their new album, a bit of the past, and at the end, the future.

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Bonnet chimes in

Graham Bonnet was interviewed for Metal Mythos AfterShock, and while the bulk of 1-hour long conversation was devoted to Alcatrazz, it started with discussion of Rainbow and possibility of Blackmore returning to hard rock.

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Withdrawn, temperamental and intense

A vintage interview with Ritchie Blackmore has appeared recently in Ultimate Guitar. The backstory as told by Jim Esposito, the interviewer, is kinda interesting in itself. Just mentally replace 1974 with 1973 as from the sound if it the interview was taken on or around June 17, 1973, when the band was playing at the Palm Beach International raceway in Florida:

As a rock journalist Deep Purple was always one of “my groups.” Freelancing through this era every time the band came through town I talked my way backstage with my notebook and cassette recorder for an interview and a story.

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Guitars, amps, cabinets, pedals, and picks

Steve Morse takes you on an extensive video tour of his rig: the Musicman #1, the Y2D, Engl heads and cabinets, and TC Electronics pedals. On a side note, the video also reveals that the glove he's been wearing recently on his right hand helps him to control inflammation from arthritis. Read more »

The Road of Golden Dust

Wymer is preparing for publication a new book by Jerry Bloom — The Road of Golden Dust. The press blurb reads:

A comprehensive story of Deep Purple’s golden years 1968-76, which saw the band come from nowhere to have a top 4 US hit with it’s debut single.

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Perfect Strangers from the Rising Sun

Another promo clip from the upcoming …To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo) video release. This time it's Perfect Strangers. (watch inside) Read more »

The Talented Mr. Blackmore

A retrospective video documentary on Ritchie Blackmore is being prepared for release by Eagle Rock. Titled Uneasy Rider — The Talented Mr. Blackmore, this release will consist of an hour and a half documentary proper, plus 43 minutes of additional interviews.

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One on one with Roger

Roger Glover was a guest of a recent episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon. The show starts with a chat with Alice Cooper guitarist Tommy Henriksen; Roger’s segment starts shortly after the 10 minute mark and although he sounds pretty tired, he soldiers for 30 minutes, talking about many things, from what he learned from Bob Ezrin, to waking up in a small town up in the Swiss Alps one day.

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Wacken and Budokan teaser

The record company has published Space Truckin' video teaser for From The Setting Sun… (In Wacken) and …To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo). (watch inside) Read more »

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