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Tour dates FAQ

Some members of the Purple family are touring all the time, while others haven’t been heard from in years.

Please write a review (and perhaps some photos?) of your experience. For tickets, you can try the phone numbers and/or links listed with some of the dates.

Please note:

  • These are the upcoming tourdates we know about from different sources around the world. Some are confirmed, some are not. Confirmed the date has been advertised by both promoters and management.
  • If you are travelling to see the shows, please understand that the availability of tickets and the actual occurrence of the concert are out of our control. We cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in these schedules or cancellations.
  • The information about dates and tickets that is published on these pages is all we have. As soon as we know anything, it is posted here, in this section of the site. You won’t get any extra details by mailing us and asking if we have any. Please respect that.

Thank you.

Deep Purple Tour Mini FAQ

Ok, so what’s wrong with [insert your country here]?

One of the most frequently asked questions when we release new tour info is “why can’t the band tour here in my country? Do they hate us?”. Of course they don’t hate you. There are a lot of things involved in getting a tour on the road.

Roger Glover says:

Trouble is, when promotors and agents make decisions, it’s the band that gets the blame. I have no idea why this is so. Some possible reasons may include: hall availability, local promoter problems, money problems, routing problems, lack of time, etc. There’s nothing wrong with the country, as far as I know anyway.

I’ve seen 15 shows on this tour. Why do they have to play the same songs all the time?

People who are lucky enough to see more then one Deep Purple show on the same tour often ask why the setlist isn’t changed around more than it is. Isn’t it a good idea to have a couple of songs that can rotate night after night? Aren’t there more people that catch multiple shows than the band realise?

Jon Lord says:

1) The percentage of “repeat” tickets over an entire world tour is actually infinitesimal, and if you knew the amount of work and pressure that goes into just making sure that each show is a “1st Night” for everyone in every audience you would realise that we just cannot take it into consideration to juggle more than one or two different songs.

2) We *do* know that there *are* people who come to more than one show, and we love them for it, but their number is not “more than the band realise”.

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