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Which one is the 60 year old guy?

In a new interview with One On One Glenn Hughes explains why after the BCC fiasco he and Jason Bonham didn’t want to continue with another big name guitar player.

Listen here (mp3, 28MB) if the player above doesn’t work.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

10 Comments to “Which one is the 60 year old guy?”:

  1. 1
    Larry Toering says:

    Andrew (big name player?) Who?!

  2. 2
    Larry Toering says:


  3. 3
    Jason Hillenburg says:

    Code for “we wanted a guitar player who needs us more than we need him”. 🙂

  4. 4
    al says:

    nothing new here,we know the story how the band got together.I have been listening to the album and it grows on you in every listen.I like the more stripped Rock’N Roll sound with dare I say element of psychedelia.I gotta be honest I liked BCC,but it kind of worn out on me,especially the last album.You are not going to have that big instant likeness of Man In The Middle groove,but the album is fresh and different.I don’t hear too many long solos and kind of ” listen to me playing guitar”playing,and I like that.Anyway,everyone’s taste is different,but I like the fact that Glenn and Bonham realized that playing with a young talented unknown musician like Andrew is the best move,instead of “big names” like Bonamassa,for which BCC was nothing but a side project,and he wanted to play the love of his life,Blues rock and tour solo.

  5. 5
    Ray C Sutliff says:

    What was the BCC “fiasco”?

  6. 6
    Brad DeMoranville says:

    Fiasco. He wanted to gig more than Bonamassa (who has a much better career) did.

  7. 7
    al says:

    @6 as a musician you want to tour and sing live,a real musician,what is fiasco about it ? you can talk ego and such ,but “fiasco”? Personally I don’t care about Bonamassa and he albums are predictable and boring.BCC was the only project i got interesting for.Successful solo artist of course.but musically is not up there to me.

  8. 8
    Bo says:

    Al (7): I can only agree. Bonamassa is boring on his blues, but was great on BCC.

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I agree with Al and Bo.

  10. 10
    Alan Nlorthwood says:

    BBC was always only going to be a side project for Joe Bonamassa so I’m not surprised it did’nt last. However, we have 3 very good studio albums from it so we should be happy with that. Plus it raised Glen Hughes’s profile too.

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