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Glenn Hughes “records a duet” with Tommy Bolin

Glenn Hughes, image from F.U.N.K. presskit

From Glenn’s Twitter yesterday, June 17th:

I’m on my way to the studio to record a duet with my late brother Tommy Bolin..I’ll let you know all about it 2nite..another emotional day..

followed the same night by

All done @ the studio, I sang a duet with Tommy Bolin “Lotus in an Oriental Sky” + I wrote and sang an unfinished Tommy song, very moving.GH


The Tommy Album will be a tribute, with lots of my mates..Warren Haynes and Steve Lukather have been recorded, more duets 2 come with TB

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info

47 Comments to “Glenn Hughes “records a duet” with Tommy Bolin”:

  1. 1
    T says:

    Deep Purple Mark IV had an energy that radiated from the very start–from the audition through the rehearsals. In addition, Come Taste the Band was as different from the Blackmore-era Purple then as Purpendicular was in the post-Blackmore modern era in more contemporary times. The renewed, reïnvigorated power in both instances allowed the band to carry on with a markedly new sound. Despite spotty live performances, Mark IV had its moments but remains a staple in the Purple catalogue, and Tommy’s solo work had a shine of its own as well.

    Bolin may have been a strange choice for Purple given his previous work, but no stranger than Steve Morse was given his own pre-Purple recording history. They are also both Americans. Therefore, a parallel could be drawn between the two in that regard. Plus ça change…plus c’est la même chose. Unfortunately, Tommy did not work out as well as Steve, even if Bolin’s talent and potential were never in question.

    As a guitarist, I love Tommy Bolin–a “can do it all” kind of player, from jazz to rock, with a nice Stratocaster chime and clear, distinct staccato much of the time in Purple. His mastery of the use of stomp boxes was as wild in his own way as Blackmore’s “Blitzkrieg” approach. The interval change in the “Smoke on the Water” riff, more grungy “Stormbringer” riff and the off-beat “answer” in “Lazy” were interesting takes on the old classics, and the Come Taste the Band album was strong enough to feature prominently in the supporting tour. The impressionistic style he employed with jazz musicians was another hallmark of his playing. Quite an imagination. What a loss.

    I wish Purple was as prolific in recording endeavors as Hughes. Glenn has what promises to be a powerhouse album in the can, tours, and still finds time to record a “Tommy” album.

  2. 2
    Karl-Heinz says:

    A tribute with unused Tommy Bolin recordings, seem to me a very interesting adventure. Every song with the late Tommy on guitar must be a real highlight.

    I’m really looking forward.


  3. 3
    Bo says:

    Cant wait to hear it. Must have been VERY tough for Glenn to do this, but I hope also a nice feeling that Tommys music is still around and very much alive. I’m sure he is having a great time with Cozy ond RJD. What a band they can have “up there” 🙂

  4. 4
    Victor Ponzo says:


    What a great long overdue idea. I cant wait mate!

  5. 5
    HZ says:

    Glenn is music soul, from top to the bottom. Can’t stop listening to “Songs In The Key Of Rock”, what a great singer!

  6. 6
    hans says:

    Wat a waste of time! He is the worst live guitar player i`ve ever heard. Maybe a good studio recording player, but live performing, what is the strenght of Dp, he was a total zero.

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    It s a matter of taste maybe but……

    Personally I have always felt that Tommy had much better background to include him in the band.

    VERSATILTY and not to forget charisma and compositionskills are absolutely the traits he had and the other barely.

    Saw Y and T 2 days ago and witnessing someone like Meniketti and instantly compairing him with the PlainMan fucking kills me.
    He ll floor most other hardrock, something Steve just isnt how ever kind he may be,guitarist from the last 3 decades.
    I even prefer him to Gary Moore who often comes to mind for a comparison.

    Both sing and play the blues combined with a heavy rock stamp but Dave s singing is so PASSIONATE its amazing.

    Dave and Y and T , thanx for a great night out. It s a privilege seeing you LIVE.

    Mark, Rotterdam

  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    I think it’s great that GH is doing this. He and Bolin were basically Soul Mates while in Purple. One thing about a devout Born Again as GH is, they find themselves wanting to Give Back constantly and have a real overwhelming Soul Searching persona which haunts them indefinitely. This is purely therapeutic for him and what better way to do that, than with his creative juices that he thrives on along with the Higher Power….

    Priest, you could use some of GH spiritual connection to life. It may help you with your deep seated overwhelming desire to Bash Morse as you again did here for No Reason other than your own personal demon that can’t help let overpower you….


  9. 9
    grannypants says:

    @Hans,,,,,more like you’re a waste of time. Get a grip! You are the zero here, and you ain’t no hero either, just plain zero.

    Bolin was awesome, very different from other purple guitarists but no less amazing. Oh, and his poor playing was due to his addictions in the last 2-3 years of his life which unfortunately robbed us of quality performances but more importantly robbed him of his life….

  10. 10
    Karl-Heinz says:

    have you ever heard live recordings by Tommy outside “Last Concert In Japan”?
    Not only “On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat”, but also the live recordings from the Tommy Bolin Archives outside Deep Purple shows his versiablilty, his great range and wonderfull, soulfull playing. Great guitar play,er great arranger, lovely voice. RIP.

  11. 11
    hotblack says:

    Don’t want to spoil the party here, but I tend to see things like this in a slightly different way.
    To me it is always difficult, taking material from an artist passed, and use it for a release. I mean, most (not all, but most) of that material ended up on a shelf for very good reasons, i.e. that this particular artist considered it not good enough, not fitting or whatever, to publish it.
    So I for one always feel somewhat uneasy with such projects.

    Oh, and Tracy: “Soul Mates” is definitely a very ‘creative’ description of what bound Glenn and Tommy together in Purple.

  12. 12
    stefan says:

    Agree with Tracy in general on this one ! Personally I think it´s a great idea and about time too, to celebrate the music of TB, and who´s better at the helm than GH ???? I´ve always stated that ” Come Taste The Band ” is the best album DP never made !!!! It says it´s DP on the cover, but in my opinion it was Bolin, Coverdale & Hughes Band with Lord and Paice as guest musicians ! I don´t care what the hardliners think….to me it´s a killer album to this day and it´s played regualary in this house, especially ” Gettin´ Tighter ” on top volume !!!! ROCK ON !

  13. 13
    George Fotis says:

    Something that amazes me is , he was out of it on drug’s but he came up with these amazing guitar solo’s while playing live. His live albums with his own band sound much better than the Deep Purple one’s . Glenn should give his energy to Tony Iommi and Black Sabbath they need him now. Would much rather hear a live cd of the last concert of Deep Purpe mark 4 .

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Good afternoon Tracy

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh, expected you to agree with me on the David Meniketti issue.

    Always thought Y and T is THE kind of music for you?
    Or do you prefer Gary Moore?

    I dont need some kinda therapy…
    A great gig will do.

    *I dont want your hell, I ve got my own.*


    I ve got my own from one of the great albums by Y and T called Musically Incorrect.
    I made myself a sampler of the 2 albums they made in 1955 and 1997.
    Musically Incorrect and Endangered Species.

    Never get enough of it.

    And then I throw myself into another spin with their classics

    Black Tiger

    And so on…..

    Y and T give them hell!!!!!

    Roll me over and squeeze me tight….

    But thanx away…..


  15. 15
    The Cat-That-Sleeps says:

    Not fond of duets with dead people. Anyone can play a record of Jeff Porcaro or Elvis and add some piano to have “played” with Elvis or Jeff Porcaro. Céline Dion made a “duet” with poor Frankie Sinatra who would probably never have agreed if he had been alive.
    However, Glenn has the legitimity to do it, knowing how close he was to Bolin, like Paul, George & Ringo had the right to use Lennon’s tapes to record “Free as a bird”. Like finishing a work they started together.

  16. 16
    Joey says:

    Great news, I’ve always thought that Glenn and Tommy Bolin could have really done something incredibly special together had they worked on another project .Especially after recently listening to the Days May Come jams. Brilliant

  17. 17
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    purplepriest 1965,

    You continue to slay me! No one in their RIGHT mind can be so ignorant as to not have a clue as to the multiple brands of brilliant muzak, in this case anything Mr. Morse has ever banjo’d. God bless you, Tracy! You’ve got a clue!

    With every bit of respect to any kind of muzak a musician chooses to play, Dave Meniketti will bow to Mr. Morse BIG TIME. And there is nothing wrong with that! I’ve spoken to soooooooo many professional banjo players whom I know are freaks unto themselves, and most on this board are more than aware of, who have “witnessed” to me that Steve is leagues away from any skill set they will ever be able to achieve. EMOTION INCLUDED! And that’s O.K. Not all can be a genius in whatever one stakes their craft in…..

    The VALID point to be driven home, once again, is YOUR HERO BLACK GUY, who was asked about the greatest banjo player alive to which he replied, “He’s brilliant……” He gets it. Logically you need to get it….

    Holy shet, ’nuff said. Expand your horizons. As fast as seeing James Taylor and Carole King at Madison Square Garden this past
    Tuesday, or the upcoming Uriah Heep gig this coming Tuesday up on 42nd St., Y’all have to be well rounded! Chatted with
    “Father” Les Paul on a Monday night at Iridium about 5 years ago, folllowed by a freaking UFO gig!! Hey Mr. Mogg and Co., can you cover How High The Moon?! No? You don’t need to! But stay well rounded!!

    And to pound my points home, my second favorite (favourite for the English bloggers….) banjo player, the Honorable (Honourable for the English bloggers….) Jeff Beck blew the audience away in Atlantic City two weeks ago. And he leaves his ego at the side of the stage like My Main Man Steve, who continues to say that he would be honored (honoured for the English bloggers….) to share a stage with Mr. Beck!!!!

    And there remains a minimum of 60 far better banjo players in the nearby Lehigh Valley, Pennsy area, FAR BETTER than Slash (Pretentious one of many single monikered individuals who continue to do a number on me like George Carlin opined about on Complaints And Grievances} into the indigenous New Jersey-Pennsylvania soil…. Sting? I got stung many a time running across the fields of summer afternoons in New Jersey! By the way, Mercury Rising is a great album…. But dare I digress….

    God bless us all….!

    “The banjo player took a hike (Good riddance, he who remains a brilliant banjo player! But personalities continue to go a looooooong way with brotherhood/felowship….

    Wigglin’ in me chair at the moment….!



    P.S. purplepriest 1965, humility is a virtue. Come on around, mate!! I am sure you will take the time to respond with your best humor (humour for the English bloggers….)

  18. 18
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Priest, don’t know where the Y & T point came from, but can state here that I have all of their original LPs on vinyl you mention here and yes, I do find David Meniketti to be quite an accomplished and enjoyable player. As for him against Moore, I have to go with Moore as far as my personal listening taste overall. Not based on ‘better or worst’. I don’t judge that way. As with Morse, a great player and accomplished composer and all around great performer. Bolin in his short life had done so many things and recorded some incredible pieces. His work on ‘Alphonse Mouzon’- Mind Transplant and ‘Billy Cobham’- Spectrum was insanely awesome. What a talent. I can’t wait to meet him in Heaven and punch his lights out for killing himself in such an irresponsible manner and throwing away all that talent.


  19. 19
    Paulwrecked says:

    Bolin was awesome. Come Taste is one of my fave Purple Albums! Different yes, but very powerful, god bless u Tommy !x

  20. 20
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Mister Ted

    Why all the sour talk?
    And why trying to be a snob?

    My horixon is quite expansive, thank you!

    Ritchie often sells bullshit to people.

    Its being selective choosing that silly comment about Steve jus t to underline your desire to prove your right about the so called incredible guitarplayer.

    I dont know what Meniketti thinks about Steve, appearantly you do……

    There are more geniusses who dont know what their worth is.

    Example, Blackmore letting go of Ronnie and the whole PERFECT Rainbow era way back.

    Enjoyable and sometimes exiting stuff he did after Dio but no competition to what went before.

    Should I really take HIS comment seriously?
    That comment by a man who spends his day with Barbie suggesting that it is his peak or something?

    I AM in my right mind!

    You really got to have a creative mind to keep saying what you say.

    Well, if that makes you happy……

    Revisited Anaheim today.
    Did not push the stop button before it ended, so……ther must be something good.

    Lets see…..

    Gillan is enthusiastic but still one hears him being too hoarse too often and his screams are, ahem……not as painful as lately in SKOW but……, ermmmmmmmmmm.
    Forgot about great tracks like Unchain Your Brain, Moonshine and others.
    Love the funkyness, Hi Glenn, in the sound of the gig.

    Or should I say in the sound of the band?

    No annoying displaced banjoplayer here.

    Cheers, Mark, still Dutch but appearantly not looking the part.

  21. 21
    Kentish Man says:

    Can’t help agreeing with several pointers about releasing these ‘duets’ with deceased talent, the reason they were left on the shelf is that they probably weren’t up to it first time around, but guess we should wait & see. However with GH not being my favourite I can’t say I’m wholly looking forward to it, it still wrankles me over his introduction of that soul/funk sound into DP, and the abomination that was Stormbringer (hey Roberto, come on…where’s your rebuke to what you call a truly sublime album….), but it has to be said that CTTB was pretty strong, and credit to the band for giving Tommy an open hand in the writing and composition of so much of that album, still enjoy it. As for his solo stuff, marvellous. Post Toastee – now we’re talking.

  22. 22
    telboy says:

    glenn seems to have a lot of brothers!

  23. 23
    Jack11 says:

    Great! The two guys who ruined Purple doing a duet.

  24. 24
    Mark says:

    Exactly, Jack. The 2 freaks who made DP go down the drain ….Sometimes Im asking myself how GH can have the audacity to link his name to “Deep Purple” still, after all he did. That this guy has long lost ground again, take a look and a few reads on his “cheersite”, sorry “website” and you will easily notice.

  25. 25
    solitair says:

    Rule # 1: Let the dead people rest in peace!

  26. 26
    stefan says:

    Jack Off….sorry….11 !!

    The two guys + DC, who tried to push DP forward and explore other aspects of the groups music is the more accurate despription ! The pickering never stops…..GET OVER IT !!!

  27. 27
    Jack11 says:

    Dont try to reinvent history.

  28. 28
    stoffer says:

    Mark @ 24 I have to agree with you……..sorry but true
    stefan @26 push DP forward ?? off a cliff maybe but not forward..sorry can’t agree with you here


  29. 29
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Whenever I tend to go ranting about Glenns tendency to go in overdrive, meaning the HYSTERICAL SCREAMING…….

    I try to kick myself in the butt for it.

    I still have to make that immaculate sampler of his GREATNESS on a 2 or 3 double disc or something.

    Just everything classic from what he did since 1993.

    1 I m lazy…..
    2 Its hard to make choices, he did so much.
    3 A friend of mine lost the ADDICTION disc and still I dont have it replaced.

    People, listen to

    1 Face The Truth with John Norum
    2 7th Star with Iommi
    3 tracks like……

    Shit, I cant choose.

    Should I include the era before 1993?

    A thing I tried to grasp…..

    That mega killer festival in London with ELP and unfortunately NO Heaven and Hell I suppose had Joe Bona massa as well on their list.

    Why not introduce to a crowd like that, aprreciative of CLASSIC ROCK, to the new band?

    I heard CAMEL will be back in action as well!!!!!

    The UNIVERSAL RAINBOW 2 Discs are finally coming into perspective….

    CTTB will be there soon.

    Interesting VINYL reissues.

    And so on…..

    Exiting times for people who have to the money to do it all.

    Not me…..
    Sob sob sob…..

    Well, hopefully lots of it will be PROFESSIONALLY recorded , filmed and so on.

    Still, the hurt goes on.

    I was too young 3 decades ago to see loads of legendary incarnations and bands live.

    I started in 1980 with going to gigs and saw a lot.

    But not everything I wanted.

    Too many interests.

    What a curse?

  30. 30
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    #20- Should you be addressed as Mark, or stay with purplepriest 1965?

    – Hardly sour.

    – Hardly a snob.

    – Horixon is quite expansive. O.K. then, there is hope…

    – He wasn’t selling B.S. on this one. Believe it.

    – No need to prove being right on what just is the obvious. Incredible is a nice adjective. I commend you on your choice. No need to add any others at the moment.

    – I’m O.K. with your statement about Meniketti. I’m a humble guy, I went a little too far on my comment. Now Yngwie remains another story..

    – Perhaps there are many geniuses who let go of geniuses?
    And not anything nor anybody is PERFECT. We’ll see PERFECTION if and when we get to heaven….

    – It’s all opinion, including what I am typing….

    – Suggest you take it seriously. Why? Because it just is. Just go with it. And as long as Ken is happy with Barbie, he need not give too much of a shet about what anyone around him thinks. Not getting into too much philosophy at this particular moment.

    – Hopefully most of us all are relatively speaking save for the likes of severe schizophrenia and the like? And doses of humility can do wonders. I often dose myself. To quote Neil Peart, “I’m so full of what is right, I can’t see what is good….” Right can surely get in the way of things….

    – Oh yes, I am creative. And so are you. And that’s a wonderfuly thing, eh?

    – Happy, happy, joy, joy. Happiness remains key! :>

    – Gillan- Ah Sir Ian, stop yer screaming in between the songs.

    – Displaced, misplaced, replaced. All the same, eh?

    – The Dutch have their hands (or should I say feet?) full with Friday’s match against Brazil. But never say never… Best of luck. From the heart.



  31. 31
    Ray says:

    It’s understandable that Bolin would be judged unfavorably after some of the D.P. live cuts. But, listen to TB & Friends Live from Ebbets Field and Zephyr Live. Also, on the Purple Long Beach live his solo on Burn captured the sound that Bolin fans revere. Also, Whips and Roses has some incredible playing and truly showcases the unique tone he had. The last cut is a poorly recorded jam with a hotel house band the night before his death. It’s like he knew and his playing was stellar.

    Tommy Bolin ain’t going away any time soon. Yes, he crapped on his own gift then threw away his life and he should remembered for that waste but there is much to treasure and those of us who have remained fans all these years have been and will be richly rewarded.

  32. 32
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m heading off to the beach in Hoek van Holland, part of the Rotterdam region…..so I ll try to cut it short if you dont mind.

    Call me whatever you want, I have not made my mind up.
    Any suggestions?

    Talking about creativity…..The THREAD does bring me to the though of….Why dont they call that album The Zombieman?

    Or maybe we should reserve that for DP nowadays?
    Zombie Purple.

    You try to suggest I m not humble enough.
    Believe me, you dont know me if you say something like that!!!!!
    Btw, I KNOW HORIXON was a typo, noy shy to admit that.

    I dont give a toss about football.

    I like happy people, happy football fans as well, beautiful women dressed all up in orange short skirts. What more dooes the eye of a man want?

    I m not an expert concerning this game.
    But I read a lot….about almost everything I must say…, talking about expanding horizons….., and understood from the beginning and before…..

    That they PROBABLY will not make it to the end!!!!

    On the other hand, I must admit, hating the game and its despicable surrounding aspects……
    This country is kinda small……So in that perspective.
    They are not bad, arent they?

    They rock!



    They should try some more rockrelated anthems at sport games.

    DIO made a great song with that one, I think.
    Y and T did several I think…

    Hang Him High!

    Maybe we can give this sour talk a sweet twist and ask everone here for suggestions in that area?

    Cheers, still aching all over with lowerback pain and other joint area troubles.

    Will try to soldier on.

    I am against the ropes but I ve been there before.
    I ve hit by the best but never hit the floor!!!!


    Ok, Y and T COMMERCIAL over, mate.

    Cheers, Mister Beachfreak.

  33. 33
    BlackSparrow says:

    As Jon Lord once said on a ROCKLINE interview I wish I had thirty dollars of what some of you people are on. To say Come Taste the Band is the greatest Purple album of all time is a mind boggling stretch of the imagination. Bolin was great in the studio even brilliant but as Larry Holmes once said about Marciano, Bolin could not even carry the jock that Blackmore wears. Blackmore has a bad attitude but so what he earned it and if nobody likes his attitude it really never affected his playing as far as can I see. And you know what John Lennon had some attitude too, and he still went on and wiped the floor with the Beatles. You cant always get what you want but Ritchie always seems to get what he needs.

  34. 34
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Mister Beachfreak,

    Great stuff! I am too tired to comment on all… but,..

    The Dutch beat Brazil today! A coupe de tat!!!

    For the joint pain, try Glucosamine. It’s only one elixer at hand, but give it a try….. Another elixer which is a no-brainer is anything Steve Morse is on for the ears to be blessed by….

    We still need to settle on which “moniker” you would like to be addressed by….

    Let us have it….



  35. 35
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Mister Ted

    Talking about nicknames……

    Is it really Ted?

    Or are you just a mechanic?

    Mine I originally made up years ago and it has stayed on without special reason….

    Let s make it BEAUTIFUL DREAMER!!!!!

    I went to the beach and heard absolutely nothing so I thought everyone got silent after losing the match.
    I WAS WRONG!!!!!

    I dont care for the whole thing but I must admit……

    We doen t toch maar weer!!!!

    Btw, Glucosamine and fish oil tablets I started using for the joints of my hands. I used since 2006 and improved. My BACK started after that….

    Steve Morse to heal me????!!!!
    Fucking Christ!!!!

    Cheers, Mark

  36. 36
    SEVEN-47 says:

    I liked the direction Bolin, Hughes, and Coverdale were going with Deep Purple in 1975. Much like I liked the direction Bolin took The James Gang on “Bang” and “Miami.”

  37. 37
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Here’s a couple for ya Mark……

    Winer…..HardlyHappy…..he he he.


  38. 38
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    Just a mechanic on the board by name of Ted.

    Silence at the beach can be deafening, eh?

    Glucosamine, Omega-3, and WD-40. Ya can’t go wrong….

    Steve Morse, Ritchie B., etc. Don’t worry about the dosages. It’s all good….

    Effing comment not good. Let’s keep blasphemy off of the board. But seriously. I’ll thank you in advance….

    As per my usual,



  39. 39
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I DO have more than enough reasons to be in pain.

    I m STILL SAD about the loss of my father, he died in april.
    My cat Ian died as well in april.
    Dio died.

    Since 2000 I suffer reumathic symptoms.
    Enduring pain for years has indeed made me a man inclined to be cranky.

    It has not always been like that.

    Before, inbetween and so on I have always been a hungry man, eager and interested in loads of things in life.
    My lowerback is killing me for 2 years now.
    And appearantly I m no Bono!!!!

    I m VERY HAPPY with Y and T lately.

    Their last album is not of the same grandness as former classics but at least they did try to make an album.
    Most importantly, they ROCK!!!!

    Their music enlights, motivates, sooths, energises, kicks my butt into gear as if I was 20 again……

    I m very happy with my roses.
    And last week we collected a Black Knight, part of the Papillion flower family.

    I m not a Blackmore worshipper, you should know that by now.

    I worship what he DID maybe.
    I m almost throwing up seeing him do the Barbie joke that long.

    YOU are the one that licked their butts lately after first dripping with acid over them.

    Bring it on!!!!

    Btwm lp s of Y and T in your collection?

    They made CD s after that…..

    Maybe you missed out on some great stuff while trying to persuade sensitive and sensible persons like me that Mister Morsey is the honey in their mustard?

    Cheers, Mark

  40. 40
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Priest, yes I have most of Y&T’s albums. Vinyl Too. Don’t have the new one you are praising, but will definitely get it and give it a listen. I have always liked their style of music. That is why I have most of their stuff.

    As far as the Blackmore Worshipper statement…the difference between you and me regarding Blackmore is this….

    You are a Blackmore Worshipper BUT are dissatisfied with him leaving Purple and you maintain that Purple isn’t Purple without him and you can’t relate to them without him. Unless he is playing Purple style Music, you also criticize him, thereby are upset at his Loot Band, but mainly due to destroying Your Purple Dream Team.

    I on the other hand am also a Blackmore Worshipper, but True to the Man in Black in regard to wherever he goes and what he plays. I am totally satisfied with Purple’s music without him and love what he does in his Loot Band. More Band for the Buck I say. My only complain regarding Purple is their lack of Studio Albums, but what they have put out I love.


  41. 41
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Tracy

    Nice try Mister FlipFlop but…..

    You really have burned BN down to the ground and called them names so often it s not difficult to remember for even one with Alzheimer light.
    But goodluck to you and your so called loyalty to everything he does.

    2 I m not in smithereens because he left DP but am dissappointed WHAT and HOW he did things with BN.
    It could have so much better than this, in general, boring mix of mediocrity.

    I d loved him to explore things he has in him every TRUE FAN knows but just ignores or refuses.
    Yeah, seen that way its hard not to ridiculise him.
    But it pains me indeed.

    The lack of studioalbums by DP is not a surprise.
    They will never make it up now.

    The time and the momentum has been lost.

    Everyone should be able to realise that.

    As said before, I was a bit too overzealous with FACEMELTER, the last Y and t album.

    Its a fine album but not up to standard with their classics.

    And they also play a lot of the same of their legacy when you go to often to a gig.
    But at least they incorporate more rare stuff compared to the so called Purps.

    Well, now thats covered…….

    How can we break the vaults in which all those great recordings are and NOT released?!

    Maybe I should try acting the burglarjob some more.

    Cheers, Mark

  42. 42
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Actually Priest,

    My only slamming of our favorite Lute player was in regards to responding to your constant Morse Bashing and whining about Purple and the lack of Ritchie. I have made it very clear throughout and consistently about respecting Ritchie’s musical direction. I have been to 2 Blackmore’s Night gigs and even wore my Medieval Garb. I thoroughly enjoy BN and disagree with your complaint regarding what they do. Again, you wish he would just do what he did when you liked his style in Purple and Rainbow. That’s what you want and dislike what he is doing. My only complaint regarding BN is that I would like him to take a break and do something a little different….maybe a Solo blues album or Rock Album just for a reminder of his prowess on the Axe, but I can live without it due to having so much already to listen to from over the many years. My other complaint is that I feel he has a large metal ring through his nose that his Wife has a hold on and won’t let him out of the Forest. I agree with your statement regarding the lack of Albums Purple have produced and that is my only complaint. Yes you are correct also…… Their time has come and gone regarding that, but one or two more sure would be nice before it is over. I enjoy their stuff since Blackmore left as much as before. I do believe they should have focused more on the New material LIVE, and less on the Old. I do believe they should already have put out at least 3 more records by now. They didn’t. So What. What they did do was what they did, and we have had the luxury of hearing and seeing some outstanding performances all in all. They could have disbanded long ago. For you, that may be OK. If it happened, that would have been that and we would be none the wiser. But thankfully they didn’t, and we have had some great songs from these greats since, and some great shows. Don’t know how long they will be going, but I for one am going on that ride along with them however long it is…..

    I listened to FACEMELTER. Not too shabby. Favorite thus far is ‘Gonna Go Blind’. The Bonus track…’Losing My Mind’ is also excellent….


  43. 43
    Ted The Mechanic says:


    #42 may just be your best encapsulated post thus far. I’ve typed this before, but, let me acknowledge at least another time. You have a clue. Soooo many lack at least one or two…

    More than a few days went by in which there were no replies including mine on #38.


    Just once more, please leave any sacrilegious exclamations regarding My Lord. We are posting many facetious diatribes, but let’s keep it relatively respectful. It came out of left field, but now that it arrived out of left field, let’s please be respectful regardless of any belief systems…

    And I thank you again in advance,



  44. 44
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hi Tracy

    DEADLY DECEIVER, the Japanese bonustrack is typical Y and T is a great rocker and should be played live.
    A shame, this bonustrackbuisness.

    Concerning the above…..

    We agree a lot man!!!!

    I have said again and again that its NOT that he left the Purple and Rainbow format that is my main frustration.

    He could have delivered so much more interesting stuff than what he has done now with BN.
    In general it has become repetetive and boring to the extreme.

    He has become LAZY again, IMO.

    Indeed, I would have preferred exploring other avenues as well.


    I really think its not satisfying enough what they did.
    They COULD have adopted something different but did not.
    I d have preferred solo projects instead of rehashing the same all these years.

    I do understand the financial backbone behind this choice but to longtime fans its very frustrating.

    Well, things might be clearing up by now.

    Jon Lord did several great authentic works and gigs with enthusiasm.
    Never miss out the man while you still can!!!!

    Steve Morse delivered 2 albums in a short time, thus paving a way out for next year.

    Wasnt it you that implied SOMETHING is cooking for 2011?

    Gillan is trying to shape up vocally, it seems.
    He should lose the sunglasses, grow his hair again, stay away from the booze and smokes and he might be in shape for the final MK 2 curtain next year.

    One last Big Bang recorded and filmed for posterity, the chance to split and everyone delivering much more variety through solo albums and mini tours.

    Let us grow old gracefully.

    Btw, did you get to speak out your criticism to RB and his maid of honor when you met them?

    Or did something or someone stop you in your tracks?

    Cheers, Mark

  45. 45
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    I will try to find the track “Deadly Deceiver”. If it is as good as the bonus track “Losing My Mind”, then those 2 plus the regular album makes this a great CD for any music lover…..

    Yeah, I think we agree more than not depending on the subject. But, your personal taste is different than mine, that’s all. As far as BN, I have to disagree with you regarding it’s being ‘Authentic’ as you compare them to Jon Lord’s works. Both are ‘Authentic’. One just seems to be more your cup of tea than the other, that’s all.

    Also, concerning Blackmore in Purple…..
    As you state that he has become ‘Lazy’ and too repetitive, that is exactly what would have happened had he stayed with Purple. What made his work seem different over time was the constant ‘Line-up’ changes. Had the line-up stayed the same, so would his constant rehashing of Riffs and tunes. That is why I have such great respect for the various line-ups over the years and also love the present line-up and hope they do at least ONE MORE album before it ends. The variety of music that has been offered to us is Superb and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way except for maybe a few more albums. Other than that, it’s been outstanding, and we have TONS of music from these Greats, to carry us through till we pump our last drop of blood from our Purple Veins…..


  46. 46
    Damian says:

    It’s a pity a lot of what is said on this thread seems to off the point.
    As a musician , Tommy Bolin is my favourate guitarist.
    Ritchie Blackmore leaves me cold , compared with Tommy & his ability on songs like Dreamer , Alexis etc to convey an emotion a mood etc.
    But that friends, is what makes us all different.
    If we all liked the same music wouldn’t life be sterile & boring.
    I can understand that some people prefer Ritchie to Tommy as Ritchie was a far more accomplished live performer , tho’ considering Ritchie’s backround with Sreaming Lord Sutch that’s understandible.
    What seems a little distressing is the likes of Hans rubbishing of Tommy, as I always thought that if you cannot improve silence by adding constructively to a conversation , you should say nothing at all , still don’t they say empty vessals make the most noise.
    In conclusion I look forward to hearing this new Tommy Bolin / Glenn Hughes collaberation.

  47. 47
    Thatguy says:

    I’m not a huge DP fan i can however say upon talking to die hard fans that their unbiased opinion of Bolin was, a brilliant guitarist who was gonna be hated either ways after Ritchies departure…& that it didnt help that onstage alot of the time he’d be off his rocker on drugs.

    However that ain’t the Bolin i first listened to when i came across his music, Private Eyes is one of the best albums i’ve ever heard, i love the versatility the guy showed & the session players with him.
    Rory Gallagher is another amazing guitarist who also died young (48) who was insanely talented.

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