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Garry Smith

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Disc 6

all tracks are regular album versions except where noted

1. Stormbringer (quad mix)
2. Soldier Of Fortune (quad mix)
3. Hold On (quad mix)
In their first official release on CD anywhere, these three quad mixes only offer something different in terms of performance (not mix) in a different vocal take on Soldier Of Fortune, where one line is sung decidedly different. Apart from this, a general clarity to the mix brings out one of two new instrumental details.

4. Highball Shooter (instrumental)
Trained ears immediately pick up the fact that this is a different mix. The vocals are missing(!), but everything else seems to be there in a slightly rougher mix, where again new details that were hitherto burried now pop out. Hopefully these four tracks have not exhausted the options for bonus material on a remastered Stormbringer album.

5. The Gypsy (Paris Apr 7 1974)
An unusual favourite here in a somewhat rearranged live version with added vocal work, which thankfull amounts to a lot more than silly whooping. Taken from Mark III Final Concerts

6. Drifter (rehearsal) (California June 1975)
7. Dance To The Rock N Roll (jam) (California June 1975)
When Tommy Bolin joined Deep Purple, the band convened in a Hollywood rehearsal facility to jam out ideas for the coming album. The resulting jams showed enough musical ferociousness and infectious energy to illustrate just what a wasted opportunity Mark 4 really was. Taken from Days May Come & Days May Go

8. This Time Around/Owed To "G"
9. Love Child
Remastered from the original Come Taste The Band tapes. This Time Around and Love Child suffer from a high pitched digital noise more or less running all the way through the tracks. Being just on the border of what's audible to the human ear, it might annoy your dog more than yourself(!). Still, for such an otherwise excellent product it's a crying shame something like this slipped through.

10. Wild Dogs (Tokyo Dec 15 1975)
Tommy Bolin shines on this solo track performed onstage with Deep Purple and first released on Last Concert In Japan. This version is the remix from This Time Around released in 2002.

11. Lady Luck (Los Angeles Feb 27 1976)
12. Getting Tighter (Los Angeles Feb 27 1976)
Two examples of Mark 4's amazing stage power - when it was working. The 13-minute version of Gettin' Tighter is a Glenn Hughes funkmeisterpiece, which nonetheless also proves that it was Lord and Paice who kept the band together. Taken from On the Wings of A Russian Foxbat

13. You Keep On Moving
Mark 4's crowning glory ends the box set on a relatively calm note. Remastered from the original Come Taste The Band tapes.

Rasmus Heide

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