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This Time Around - Live in Tokyo

UK September 2001 Purple Records PUR 321D [2CD]
UK September 2001 Purple Records PUR 321IDLES [2CD; limited ed. w/collectibles]
US September 2001 Sanctuary Records [2CD]

Regular Edition

Special Edition

Performed live in Japan 1975 by:

  • Tommy Bolin lead guitar, vocals
  • David Coverdale vocals
  • Glenn Hughes bass guitar, vocals
  • Jon Lord keyboards
  • Ian Paice drums

Recorded live on 15th December 1975 at the Budo-Kan in Tokyo, Japan. Original recording engineered by Martin Birch; assisted by Shigeo Matsumoto.

This is the same gig as that which appears on the infamous Last Concert in Japan 1977. Read all about it in our special feature.


  1. Burn
  2. Lady Luck
  3. Love child
  4. Gettin' tighter
  5. Smoke on the water
  6. Wild dogs
  7. I need love
  8. Soldier of fortune
  9. Jon Lord solo
  10. Lazy
    Incl. Ian Paice's drum solo.
  11. This time around
  12. Owed to G
  13. Tommy Bolin guitar solo
  14. Drifter
  15. You keep on moving
  16. Stormbringer
  17. Highway star