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Last Concert in Japan

Japan September 1977 Warner Bros P-10370-W [1LP]
France June 1978 Purple Records C066-60900 [1LP]
Germany June 1978 Purple Records 1c064-60900 [1LP]
Germany June 1978 Purple Records 1c264-60900 [1MC]
Benelux/France June 1978 Purple Records 5c062-60900 [1LP]
Spain June? 1978 Purple Records 066-60900 [1LP]
South Africa 1978 EMI Records TPJS(L) 3514 [1LP]
Japan 1990 Warner Bros WPCP-4018 [1CD]
Japan 1996 Warner Bros WPCR-876 [1CD; remastered]
Japan May 1998 Warner Bros (Cardboard Jacket Series) WPCR-1575 [1CD]

Original Issue

Japanese CD Issue

Performed live in Japan 1975 by:

  • Tommy Bolin lead guitar & vocals
  • David Coverdale vocals
  • Glenn Hughes bass guitar & vocals
  • Jon Lord keyboards
  • Ian Paice drums

Recorded live on 15th December 1975 at the Budo-Kan in Tokyo, Japan. Engineered by Martin Birch; assisted by Shigeo Matsumoto.

Produced by Deep Purple and Martin Birch.

Note that this album contains only parts of the concert. The entire gig can be heard on This Time Around 2001.


  1. Burn (Blackmore/Coverdale/Lord/Paice) 7.05
  2. Love child (Bolan/Coverdale) 4.44
    Bolin misspelt "Bolan".
  3. You keep on moving (Coverdale/Hughes) 6.14
  4. Wild dogs (Tesar/Bolan) 6.04
    Bolin misspelt "Bolan".
  5. Lady luck (Cook/Coverdale) 310
  6. Smoke on the water (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 6.25
  7. Soldier of fortune (Blackmore/Coverdale) 2.21
  8. Woman from Tokyo (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 4.02
  9. Highway star (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 6.51