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Disc 1

all tracks are regular album versions except where noted

All but one of Deep Purple's ten 1970s members were professional musicians in their own right before joining the band. Disc one starts off with sometimes quirky and quaint pre-Purple recordings, which all offer fascinating glimpses of the musical skill (in some cases even musical genius) that each of the band members would later, for shorter or longer periods, hone as members of Deep Purple. In the cases of Gillan, Glover and Blackmore, there's a wealth of pre-Purple sessions available, but the box set features the cream of the crop.
  1. Keep A Knockin' (The Outlaws feat. Ritchie Blackmore)
  2. You'll Never Stop Me Loving You (M.I.5. feat. Rod Evans & Ian Paice)
  3. Only Time Will Tell (M.I.5. feat. Rod Evans & Ian Paice)
  4. Send For That Girl (Johnny Kidd & The Pirates feat. Nick Simper)
  5. Porcupine Juice (Santa Barbara Machine Head feat. Jon Lord)
  6. I Can See Through You (Episode Six feat. Ian Gillan & Roger Glover)
  7. Mr. Universe (Episode Six feat. Ian Gillan & Roger Glover)
  8. Medusa (Trapeze feat. Glenn Hughes)
  9. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (The Government feat. David Coverdale)
The stand-out track must be David Coverdale crooning his way through this Chicago cover, where he offers proof of the soulful tone of voice that Jon Lord first spotted on the now long lost audition tape that landed Coverdale the job with Purple. The track also includes a little snippet of melody and words which Coverdale would later re-use in Deep Purple. This fascinating four-track session from Coverdale's pre-Purple days can be found on the Pre-Purple People CD.
10. See My People Come Together (Zephyr feat. Tommy Bolin)

After ten pre-Purple sessions, reaching the first Deep Purple track gives you a nice warm homely feeling. This is what it's all about.
11. Hush
12. Help
13. Shield
14. Listen, Learn, Read On
15. Kentucky Woman
16. Playground (The Book Of Taliesyn instrumental outtake)

17. Emmaretta
18. The Bird Has Flown (US single b-side)
A selection of Mark 1 tracks all taken from the remastered albums.

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