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Disc 5

all tracks are regular album versions except where noted

1. Sail Away
Remastered from the Burn album.

2. Coronarias Redig (instrumental single b-side)
Taped at Rosenberg Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark on December 10, 1973, this became the b-side to the Might Just Take Your Life single. Intended to be a regular track with vocals, Coverdale was too knackered after the previous night's excursions and was only able to muster ooh's and aah's while Blackmore solo'd beautifully over the track.

3. You Fool No One (Ontario Apr 6 1974)
A right disgrace. Recordings of the full California Jam show supposedly exist in the vaults somewhere, yet this is another reissue of the poor sounding video soundtrack, complete with grating edit in the drum solo and souped up crowd noise. It'll be worth getting when the full show, including the curiously missing Lay Down Stay Down, one day gets a release.

4. Mistreated (San Diego Apr 9 1974)
From a low to a high in so many seconds. For years available on the curiously titled Perks & Tit vinyl bootleg, the San Diego excerpt is brilliant stuff with Ritchie's powerful intro to Mistreated a definite highlight, quickly followed by Coverdale's soulful ad-lipping in the middle break. That the echo on his voice also affects the drums would testify to after-the-fact sound trickery (perhaps by the original bootleggers?). The full show, if it survives, would be a nice contender for a future Sonic Zoom release...

5. Space Truckin' (Kilburn May 22 1974)
BBC recorded Deep Purple's Kilburn show for their In Concert series in 1974. Subsequent broadcasts saw the show edited down to various lengths, and in 1982 most of this brilliant show was released on the Live In London vinyl album. Missing were a few edits done by the Beeb, plus the band's lengthy set closer, Space Truckin'. The album was later released on CD in Japan, but never properly mastered for the medium, and never with the final track. In the pipeline for years, a remastered Live In London on two discs with the complete set seems still some way off, so those wondering how this rather excellent night originally ended now have their chance with the box set. A long track of just under 30 minutes, it features all the well-known Mark 3 trademarks - from Blackmore's electrifying soloing over Glenn Hughes' self-indulgent leanings to Jon Lord's newly acquired synthesizer working overtime. The top notch quality ensures full benefit of the band's expert take on dynamics, power and lightness. A goodie from when Blackmore's heart was still in Deep Purple.

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