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Live in London

UK 1982 Harvest SHSP-4124 (0c062-64877) [1LP]
Germany August 1982 Harvest 1c064-64877 [1LP]
Germany August 1982 Harvest 1c264-64877 [1MC]
France September 1982 Harvest C070-64877 [1LP]
Japan 1989 Metalmania/Teichiku Records 18DN-32 [1CD]
Japan 199- Teichiku Records TEXCD-20510 [1CD]
Japan 199- Teichiku Records TECP-30170 [1CD]
Japan June 1998 Teichiku TECW-28722 [1CD; cardboard jacket]

Original Issue

Japanese CD Issue

Performed live in England 1974 by:

  • Richie Blackmore lead guitar (without a 't' 'cos that's how he signed it)
  • David Coverdale vocals
  • Glenn Hughes bass guitar and vocals
  • Jon Lord hammond organ and keyboards
  • Ian Paice drums

Recorded live on 22nd May 1974 at Kilburn State Gaumont in London for the BBC In Concert series. Engineered by Adrian Revill. Remixed and edited by Nick Tauber.

Produced by Pete Dauncey and Jeff Griffin.

"Space Truckin'" was also performed (as the last track), but was dropped form the album due to space reasons. It is rumoured to appear on a forthcoming CD remix.


  1. Burn (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 6.51
  2. Might just take your life (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 4.30
  3. Lay down, stay down (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 4.38
  4. Mistreated (Blackmore/Coverdale) 11.21
  5. Smoke on the water (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 8.23
  6. You fool no one (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 17.58