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Germany January 1974 Purple Records 1c072-94837 [1LP]
UK February 1974 Purple Records TPS-3505 (0c062-94837) [1LP]
US February 1974 Warner Bros W-2766 [1LP]
Japan February 1974 Warner Bros P-8419W [1LP]
Germany February 1974 Purple Records 1c244-94837 [1MC]
France February 1974 Purple Records C066-94837 [1LP]
UK 1974 Purple Records TC-TPS-3505 (0c244-94837) [1MC]
Italy 1974 Purple Records 3c064-94837 [1LP]
Sweden 1974 Purple Records TPS-3505 (0c062-94837) [1LP]
Argentina 1974 EMI/Purple Records TPS 8028 (3505) [1LP; title: Quemar]
EEC 197- Purple Records 1a064-94837 (5c062-94837) [1LP]
Japan 19-- Warner Bros P-10104W [1LP]
Sweden 1985 Scandinavian Music 15-5218 [1LP; part of a 13LP box]
UK 198- EMI Records CDP-7-92611-2 [1CD]
Japan 199- WEA Japan 20P2-2608 [1CD]
Australia 199- EMI Australia CDDPB1 [1CD; part of 7CD Box]
Japan 1996 Warner Bros WPCR-872 [1CD; remastered]
Japan May 1998 Warner Bros (Cardboard Jacket Series) WPCR-1571 [1CD]
Japan 1999 Warner Bros WPCR-10194 [1CD; remastered]

Original Issue

"Quemar" (Argentina)

CD Issue

Deep Purple's 8th studio album is performed by:

  • Ritchie Blackmore lead guitar
  • David Coverdale vocals
  • Glenn Hughes bass guitar, vocals
  • Jon Lord keyboards
  • Ian Paice drums

Recorded during November 1973 in Montreaux, Switzerland, using the Rolling Stones Mobile Unit. Engineered by Martin Birch; assisted by Tipani, George and Paul.

Album devised and produced by Deep Purple.


  1. Burn (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 6.00
  2. Might just take your life (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 4.36
  3. Lay down, stay down (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 4.15
  4. Sail away (Blackmore/Coverdale) 5.48
  5. You fool no one (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 4.47
  6. What's goin' on here (Blackmore/Lord/Paice/Coverdale) 4.55
  7. Mistreated (Blackmore/Coverdale) 7.25
  8. "A" 200 (Blackmore/Lord/Paice) 3.51