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Disc 4

all tracks are regular album versions except where noted

1. No No No (German TV Sep 1971)
2. Highway Star (German TV Sep 1971)
In a TV studio in Bremen, Germany, Deep Purple taped these two tracks live before the cameras. No No No only saw sporadic inclusion in the live set, but this version shows Deep Purple at their experimental best, complete with Gillan's witty ad-lipped vocals. At the time, Highway Star was perhaps the band's most recent composition and its rawness is again a testament to Deep Purple's knack for developing new songs live onstage over a period of time. These two tracks first appeared in full on the vinyl edition of the Blackmore Profile album Vol.1. As the CD version only featured criminally edited versions, this is their appearance in full on CD. The video shot at this session is available on the DVD EP, along with the promo video for Hallelujah.

3. Smoke On The Water (quad mix)
4. Never Before (quad mix)
Going back to the original 1974 quadrophonic mix, these two versions have not appeared on CD before. While the soundscape obviously is somewhat different, it is only marginal.

5. When A Blind Man Cries (single b-side)
Roger Glover's 1997 remix.

6. Strange Kind Of Woman (BBC Paris Theatre Mar 9 1972)
Remastered f
rom the In Concert 2CD set

7. Lazy (Tokyo Aug 17 1972)
8. Black Night (Osaka Aug 16 1972)
After a wonderfully familiar version of Lazy from Made In Japan, here at last is the final unreleased track from the three concerts from which Made In Japan and the Live In Japan 3CD set were culled. It's a full-throttle affair with an obviously knackered band balancing precariously on the edge of instant disintegration. But even under such strained circumstances, the magic and power is there. As the Remastered Edition of Made In Japan found room for just three tracks on a second disc, critical minds want to know why it has taken this long for this track to get out.

9. Woman From Tokyo
10. Smooth Dancer
11. Mary Long (Roger Glover 1999 remix)
Originally intended for the Anniversary Remaster, this 1999 remix by Roger Glover was nevertheless left off due to time restraints. As with most of the anniversary remixes, the joy lies in discovering little snippets previously burried in the mix.

12. Burn
13. Might Just Take Your Life

Two tracks off the Burn album remastered for this box set. Fingers crossed the entire album sees a remastered release before too long.

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