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Disc 2

all tracks are regular album versions except where noted

1. Why Didn't Rosemary
2. Hallelujah
Ian Gillan and Roger Glover's very first recording with Deep Purple was stylewise the perfect transformation from Mark 1's amalgamation of musical styles to the heavier, harder tone of Mark 2. With his first screams in Deep Purple - indications of things to come - Ian Gillan puts his stamp all over an otherwise rather semi-religious sounding track. The Mark 1 line-up had played its last show a mere three days before Hallelujah was taped on July 7 1969. On July 10 Deep Purple Mark 2 debuted at The Speakeasy in London. Previously available on compilations like Singles A's & B's. The promo video for Hallelujah is available on the DVD EP

3. Ricochet (BBC session Aug 11 1969)
With two early versions of what became Speed King, this box set brilliantly illustrates how Deep Purple would work on songs for months, refining the arrangements and lyrics till they were completely satisfied. These days most of this work goes on behind closed doors, but in the band's early days they'd often premier new songs onstage before recording them in the studio. Early versions of Speed King were titled either Kneel And Pray or Ricochet, before the song got its final title. Todays Gillan variably refers to the song as a Chinese/Scottish/Indian lullabye (take your pick)...
4. Bird Has Flown (BBC session Aug 11 1969)
Witness here a rare case of Ian handling a Mark 1 track just over one month after he joined the band.

5. Hush (Royal Albert Hall Sep 24 1969)
From Deep Purple's three-song warm-up set preceding the original performance of Jon Lord's Concerto. The remaining two tracks - Wring That Neck and Child In Time - can be found on the Concerto CD

6. Concerto, Third Movement (Reprise) (Royal Albert Hall Sep 24 1969)
Such was the success of the Concerto performance that an encore was given in the shape of an abridged Third Movement that kicks off at Ian Paice's solo.

7. Wring That Neck (Montreux Oct 4 1969)
Following its usual structure, this early version of Mark 2 doing (another) Mark 1 song runs for more than 20 minutes and includes both jazzy and classically inspired improvisations from both Jon and Ritchie. The sound is so up close and clear as to make you think the band is right there in your livingroom. In reality this was taped at the infamous Casino which a couple of years later would inspire the band's most famous song. This track is also a taster for Sonic Zoom's upcoming release of the full show, which will also include the only (known) recording of Mark 2 performing Mark 1's version of Neil Diamond's Kentucky Woman.

8. Jam Stew (BBC session Oct 31, 1969)
Even at the BBC the sound quality improvement was in evidence as the band returned for a few more sessions. A fierce Jam Stew knocks spots off the version included on the In Rock Anniversary Remaster - here the ending doesn't sound quite so accidental.
9. Speed King (BBC session Oct 31, 1969)
Speed King also features a band at its powerful best.

10. Cry Free (In Rock outtake)
at you from all angles, Cry Free first appeared on the Powerhouse compilation album in 1977. For the In Rock Anniversary Remaster it was remixed by Roger Glover, which is the version included here. A nearly forgotten gem.

11. Hard Loving Man (BBC session Apr 21 1970)
12. Bloodsucker (BBC session Apr 21 1970)
13. Living Wreck (BBC session Apr 21 1970)
Another bout of energetic BBC sessions. Here's two songs which have never before surfaced in versions different to their In Rock originals. However, these sessions are proof that had the band felt so inclined, these tracks would have fitted very well into their explosive stage show at the time - or even today...

14. Studio Chat / Jam (In Rock outtake)
15. Flight Of The Rat
Two tracks (actually a bit of studio fooling about and a song) off the In Rock Anniversary Remaster

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