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Concerto for Group and Orchestra

US December 1969 Tetragrammoton T-131 [1LP]
Canada 1969 Polydor 2310 026 [1LP]
UK January 1970 Harvest SHVL-767 (1e062-90 749) [1LP]
France February 1970 Harvest SHVL-767 [1LP]
Japan January 1970 Toshiba BP-8962 [1LP; rare red vinyl]
Japan January 1970 Toshiba BP-8962 [1LP; ordinary]
Germany January 1970 Harvest 1c072-90749 [1LP]
Germany June 1971 Harvest 1c272-90749 [1MC]
UK 19-- Harvest TC-SHVL-767 (1e262-90749) [1MC]
US 197- Warner Bros WS-1860 [1LP]
Germany 19-- Harvest/EMI Fame 1c038-1575921 [1LP; single sleeve]
Sweden 1985 Scandinavian Music 15-5218 [1LP; part of a 13LP box]
Japan 199- WEA Japan WPCP-4016 [1CD]
UK 1991 EMI Records CDP-7-94886-2 [1CD; additional material]
Japan 1996 Warner Bros WPCR-864 [1CD; remastered]
Japan April 1998 Warner Bros (Cardboard Jacket Series) WPCR-1563 [1CD]
Japan 2001 Warner Bros (De Luxe Edition) [2CD]

Original Issue

CD Issue

Performed live in England 1969 by:

  • Ritchie Blackmore guitar
  • Ian Gillan vocals
  • Roger Glover bass
  • Jon Lord keyboards
  • Ian Paice drums

  • and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold

Recorded live on 24th September 1969 at the Albert Hall in London using the De Lane Lea Recording Studios Mobile Unit. Engineered by Dave Siddle and Martin Birch.

The entire event was aired live by the BBC and later released on video. The actual Concerto was preceded by three DP tracks (two of which appear on the CD) and a modern-classics composition by Malcolm Arnold.

TRACK LIST on the original album release (1970)

  1. First movement: moderato allegro (Lord)
  2. Second movement: andante (Lord, with lyrics by Ian Gillan)
    Split on two sides.
  3. Third movement: vivace presto (Lord)

TRACK LIST on the CD release (1991)

  1. Wring that neck (Blackmore/Lord/Simper/Paice) 12.51
  2. Child in time (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 12.27
  3. Concerto for Group and Orchestra
    • First movement: moderato allegro (Lord) 19.06
    • Second movement: andante (Lord, lyrics by Ian Gillan) 19.01
    • Third movement: vivace presto (Lord) 15.24