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Deep Purple and Related Discographies
The Highway Star

Deep Purple Live Albums

This collection does not include live compilations nor explotation releases with live material. Look in the compilations section for such things.

Mk I No official recordings available
Mk IIa Concerto for Group & Orchestra
Deep Purple in Concert
Space Vols 1 & 2
Gemini Suite Live
Scandinavian Nights (Stockholm) = Live & Rare
Made in Japan = Live in Japan
Live in Japan (= a kind of 3CD edition of "Made in Japan")
Mk III California Jamming = Live at the California Jam
Live in London
Made in Europe
Mk III - The Final Concerts = Archive Alive!
Mk IV Last Concert in Japan
This Time Around
King Biscuit Flower Hour = On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat
Mk IIb In the Absence of Pink (Knebworth '85)
Nobody's Perfect
Mk V No official recordings available
Mk IIc Come Hell or High Water (not the same as the Video "Come Hell or High Water")
Mk VI No official recordings available
Mks IIa, IIc & VII New, Live & Rare - The Bootleg Collection 1984-2000 (12CD Box)
Mk VII Live at the Olympia '96
Total Abandon - Live in Australia (also as video & DVD)
Live at the Royal Albert Hall (also as video & DVD)
Live At The Rotterdam Ahoy
The Soundboard Series (12CD Box)
Mk VIII None recorded so far

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