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House of Pain
Great opening track. Love Paiceys cowbell and an excellent chunky riff from Steve. Gillans voice is a little thin as the years go buy but his delivery as usual is great. Great words about the difficulties men feel about woman. Like the song a lot. very nice typically Morse solo and Don sounds so much like Jon alone more interested than Jon sounded on Abandon. Don is GREAT!!!!!! I rate this song a

Sun Goes Down
This is a heavy track. Great intro by Don (very Mr Crowley like for a second ) and then a heavy riff. This has an Abandon heavy dark feel. Could almost be an Ozzy Osborne song. Like it but this will take a while to grow on me. Interesting mid tempo Morse solo with Paicey riding the cymbal...very cool. Dons solo is hot at the end. He is great. I am already a great fan. I love Lordy but Airey is a fabulous breath of fresh air.

Nice ballad. Somehow Gillans vocals are a bit nasal but the delivery and passion is good. Its a soft easy to listen to song with nice female backing vocals. Don on piano with lovely little touches and chords. Steves solo is pretty. Its a nice song but not much more than that. Pretty sound and melodic. Nice but not great strings as well just for something different. Nice production.

Razzle Dazzle
A cool song which seems to be about Ian Gillans life on stage and his feelings about performing. Nice hammond sound. It chugs along nicely without being great. As usual clever and well written lyrics. Pretty cool but not brilliant by any means . Paicey is nice and up front in the mix. Cool honky tonk piano solo from that man Don Airey. YEEEOOWW!

Silver Tongue
Yeah baby. This is cool. Grungy and modern with cool sci fi noises whizzing around in the background. I like it very much and a nice hook. Cool guitar from Steve in the second verse is a highlight. Cool hammond from Don and also some synth going on in there behind the mix. Paicey is really precise.

Walk On
A wonderful blues number with brilliant atmospher from Steves very first cello effect notes. This is top shelf Purple one of their best songs in years. Yes it is a blue ballad but its oh so cool...lyricaally and musically. Gillan is awesome on this one....so lovely and heartfelt. A absolutely beautiful solo from Steve. Its so subtle, melodic and fitting to the mood of the song. Don is laying a wonderful foundations throughout and a nice solo too. the song finishes in an earie finish much like it starts best banana so far on the album!!!!!!!

Pictures of Innocence
THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE!!!!!!! THIS KICK SERIOUS ARSE GUYS!!!!!!!! Brilliant lyrics. This is all about the bane of political correctness and herd mentality. Sounds a bit like 'Almost Human' in parts but with an enormous amount of punch, particularly the absolutley knock out raunchy rocking chorus. This is a GREAT song. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! The production is great. Don is great. Steve is great. Gillan sounds FANTASTIC like he is enjoying it immensly. The band is on fire hear. WHAT A CHORUS!!!!! 'No drinks no smokes, no dickin' around and no dirty jokes' Whats next no sex...the end of the road we got no hope' YEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Never a Word
A real gem of a song. Very pretty and shows great partnership between Morsey and Don and Paicey. Paicey plays very beautifully on this. Gillans lyric and delivery is ever so sweet. This is such a pretty song and unlike anything I have ever heard from Purple. It reminds me of something but I cant put my finger on it. A lovely lovely song showing the great versatility of the band. I think the HEAVY rocking fans and headbangers are gonna hate this one!!!

I've Got Your Number
A very very solid number. A complex song with excellent musicianship. Greatly improved and completed since it was 'Up the Wall' on the British 2002 tour. I like the musicality and complexity of this song. Great solos from Steve and Paicey shuffles along nicely. Almost a great song but something about it gives me a sort of labouring feeling. Its probably just the tempo which is neither here nor there. Interesting soft middle bit that builds back into the main part oif the song. Interesting song.

Didn't dig this one at first until it sunk in what it's purpose is. It's a wonderful vehicle for some awesome trade off playing between Morse and Airey. Solo after solo. Really really cool. Not melodic....not pretty...an ugly sort of song really but it kicks arse in a bizarre sort of way. Harmonica throughout too. Steve and Don are just ripping this track to bits in a really spectacular way. Don is really really hot and is THE MAN for the keys in DP now NO DOUBT!!!!!!! Love Jon and always will but I don't think this album would have been as good without Don Airey.

Doing it Tonight
WOW!!!!! A cool sort of latin rythmn in a hot DP song. This song CRACKS me up in so many ways. Musically and lyrically and some really cool production. What a funky funky beat and lovely double dubbed vocals from Gillan. Morse sounds sweet and Dons piano is in the background and some nice hammond underlay. Really really cool. Something about this song pushes my buttons. Must be that cool latin beat. Dons solo is really neat too.The chorus is kind of grungy. Terrific song.....I reckon some of those headbangers wont know what to make of it.

Contact Lost
A beautiful beautiful piece of work by Steve. Can't describe it any better than to say its is so lovely and ends so suddenly in the same way the astronauts lives were snuffed out. Visions in my mind of orbiting the planet. Happiness, elations, smiles and then POW, DEATH!!! Spinetingling stuff. Thanks Steve this is very very special.

Total rating 51/60 - great work by this awesome band.

There you have it guys. Its a seriously good album. I absolutley love my Bananas!

Cheers all enjoy the ride. Purple rule!

Dave Rudders


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