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Liam Thatcher writes:
From the opening track (a subtle tribute to 'house of pain' in the infectious style of the cult classic 'jump around') to the final track 'lost' Bananas explores territory no 'purple' fan would ever have anticipated. The album is a concept based on the classic computer game "Donkey Kong" and lyrically and musically it seems to have taken the band to a whole new level.
"It's certainly encouraged me to be more experimental in my playing" says guitarist Steve Morse. "People laugh at me when I say this, but I really think you c! an feel the banananess in my playing! The whole thing just seems a lot more... well... I know it's a bit of a bad joke but... to be honest... fruity."
I think that proves why Steve Morse plays guitars and writes very few lyrics...
Ian Gillan comments on the new lyrical direction saying "it's deep... very deep. You might not expect it from an album based on a computer game, but believe me, this goes deeper than you could imagine! The band took a bit of a hiatus and spent a long while playing Donkey Kong, trying to get a feel for the story and the ins and outs of the whole concept."
"The lyrics just seemed to come to me" Gillan says "I was just sitting there and suddenly the chorus kind of popped into my head. I had the lyrics going round and round all night... I don't want to give away too much, but believe me, you will be amazed at the things we've found to rhyme with bananas!"
And a great deal of research went into getting the vocals just right. ! "I spent hours at zoos just watching and listening to the monkeys trying hard to imitate them and create a believable impression" says Gillan. "You'll hear some samples in the album taken from my good friend Eric the Gorilla from London Zoo, but most of the 'ooh ooh' sounds you hear will actually be mine!"
Roger Glover tells us "I am most proud of the title track. It's a big anthem but with a quirky kind of feel to it... think 'smoke on the water' meets Mr Bungle."
And for all hardcore DK fans the band have a little treat for you. As well as using recognisable themes and motifs from the game's original music, the CD contains a multimedia section that will unlock a new level in which you can play Donkey Kong as your favourite Deep Purple member!

Wolfram Schneider writes:
Deep Purple was (besides the Scorpions) the very first rock band I ever loved and which accompanied my life ever since. I often saw their music mirroring my own life. That's why I love this new album! It is leading the listener on a whole journey through the struggles in life. Melody and lyrics are very well in harmony on all 11 tracks, perfectly reflecting all our ups and downs.
Consider "Rainbow Mirth" the summary of our journey, of this album. It is describing the everlasting hope during our life. It starts out with a smooth yet a bit dark spirited melody when standing in the cloudy and rainy days of life. The tempo soon gets quicker, the melody more serene and mirthful when seeing the sun light far away on the horizon. The song decribes the rainbow bridging both sides when the rays of sun split the raindrops into a colorful prism. This song shows the dance on the rainbow, ending with a speedy guitar solo reflecting the end of our journey when reaching the sunny side again.
The following song "Lost Hope" is more sentimental and melodic. It reminds a bit of the song "Wasted Sunset" and describes the struggle with reaching our goals and mourning our unfulfilled dreams.
The third track "The Thrill Of The Chance" starts out in the mood of the previous song, adding a little bit of a Classical element. It describes a new, yet first unrecognized opportunity which is silently "knocking at your backdoor". The crescendo in the middle of the song paves the road to realize this new opportunity as a thrilling chance.
"Hunting Dreams" intensifies the tempo of the previous song to a speedy metal song. Guitar, bass and drums seem to race against each other while the organ tries to harmonize them. And the lyrics describe our hunt to make our wildest dreams come true.
You meet a gorgeous girl in "Angel In Disguise", where both tempo and volume are turned down and build a huge contrast to the previous song, creating a romantic touch. And the lyrics? Although she seemed so nice and sweet on the first look, she turns out to be that naughty and devilish girl just playing with your feelings.
"Fatal Confusion" continues the previous song. Although we exactly know in our mind that we are not getting anywhere with that girl, our heart still clings to hopes and we can't let her go. The sound underlines this emotional roller coaster by the musical battle between bass and guitar, creating a huge contrast. The drums often change tempo, matching our changing heart beat between excitement and melancholy. At the end first the organ, followed by the guitar and then the bass fade away. And the drums get slower and slower, indicating our fatal fall into total emptiness.
The melody of the 7th track on this album "Glimpse Of Sunrise" is quickly turning from a little bit heavy mooded intro to a light, joyful, smooth and jazzy melody. The song describes how the rays of the sunlight are reaching out to us, tickling our soul and luring us out of our cave.
Deep Purple introduced their song "The Well Dressed Guitar" in a concert last fall. And here it perfect fits into the story with its refreshing and happy sound.
The following title "No Fear At All" sounds like a merger of two older songs. While "Smoke On The Water" lends a modified version of its remarkable intro, the song lives by a nice melody, which reminds a bit of "Child In Time". Also the lyrics merge both songs. The flying bullets, the smoke and fire of the (unintentionally) burnt down environment where you counted on, can't harm us. With the right energy and improvisation you manage to survive and to build your future.
"Reaching For The Stars" has a very energetic and speedy metal sound expressing the drive to overcome all obstacles and finally reaching new heights.
The album concludes in the song "Banana Blues In California". This is the absolute masterpiece of the album. Not only that the melody reflects the various colors in music, combining Classical, Blues and Rock elements and even a touch of Jazz. Also the lyrics show the variety and diversity like seen in California: desert, mountains, rugged coastline and sandy beaches, the world of HiTech in Silicon Valley and the glamorous world in Hollywood. And well, the bananas... taste them! Their flavor ranges from green and tasteless to sweet and overripe, just like the different flavors in your lifetime. And just like the various colors of the rainbow in the first song. Deep Purple closed the circle!
When they release the album, maybe they rename it to "Rainbow Mirth" and the last song to "Blues Of Life in California"? That would be THE perfect and ultimate album!

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