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Sorry Bananas

Here we go. After a few weeks of listening to the album it is ready to be reviewed.

House of pain
Quite good one this, Ian introduces with a scream that totally blows away your mind, he hasn't sung this good for several years! The rest of the song is quite the ordinary rocker. A guitar/organ-solo in the middle of the song which reveals this one will really work great live!

Sun goes down
Starting with a very heavy Don producing a very "doomy" sound. A very heavy tune this one. Great lyrics and overall a great atmosphere. This is undoubtfully one of the best songs this album has to offer.

One of my favourites this one. Ian Gillan is in top shape. I can't remember when I last heard him sing like this. I love the chorus. The strings and female choir also spice up the production quite a bit. Great guitars, and I hope to see lots of people playing airguitar to this one when it airs on the radio! :)

Razzle dazzle
I don't know really what to say about this one. I've listened to it over and over, but it doesn't seem to grow with me at all. An ordinary rocker. If this one would have been from Accidentally on purpose I probably would have loved it! But now I don't know what yo make up of it. It's really not a bad song, but in my mind it's not fit for this album.

Silver tongue
Starting with a great guitar intro it carries you away to a verse that has gone through (in my ears) too much production. As a song I have no doubts about this one though, it will probably be one of the better live ones. Gillan has some great screaming in between the solos. It will never be an album favourite though, because of the over produced verses.

Walk on
Another one of them bluesy ballads! This is one Deep purple's specialities. Gillan produces some great lyrics and Steve gives you some great guitars. No remarks at all on this one, another one of my favourites... you better walk on!

Pictures of innocence
Starting off as something that could very well be the bluesy jam that fits before the lazy-theme takes you away into lazy (which never happends). Steve sounding a lot like ritchie actually. I love the chorus on this one. At first not one of my favourites at all, but now I just cant get it out of my mind! Together with Sun goes down, this is one of the best songs this album has to offer! Takes you from the very bluesy intro to a very groovy verse, through a progressive bridge to that awesome and heavy chorus which will never leave your mind!

I've got your number
If you just give this one a few listenings it will turn out to be really great. The theme of this song is great. I don't really have much to say about this one. It feels like one of those songs that really don't belong on an album, but on the other hand you can't be without in a live set!

Never a word
This one sonds quite like nothing else. Ian Gillan really has produced some great lyrics here, and I'd love to hear more of this. Why is this song only 3:46? It could be much longer. More verses, an acoustic solo! This one fits perfectly as a theme in some great movie! :)

Great! The song kicks off with a great theme taking you into a very progressiv song! The verse is rocking hard, a great chorus and a solo with dueling that blows your mind out! This is probably a new Deep purple-classic, a very progressive classic! The song sounds quite like nothing else with that groovy 7/8 bar! Although, I want another verse and chorus after the solos!

Doing it tonight
I don't know where to start with this one, Gillan reminds me of some of that great Accidentally on purpose-melodies. After my first listen this one, along with Sun goes down were my favourites. I love the solos, but what makes this song rock is the awesome melodies that Gillan produces! Also great, or even greater are the lyrics! .. I imagine we'll be doing it tonight! (yep-yep) :D

Contact lost
I'd love to see more work like this from Steve's side when it comes to Deep purple. He produces some lovely melodies and a great folk-sounding part with the acoustic! I'm really happy that he chose to do this as a Deep purple-song instead of a Steve Morse Band-song which it actually sounds like! A great closing tune for the album!

Bananas is in my ears the best Deep purple album since the 1970s. It features so many excellent tracks that you can't even choose your favourites! It (for me anyways) requires a few listens though, before you really get settled with it all. After my first listen I probably would have given it a 3/5, but it grows, and grows a lot! This album's a 4+, maybe even a 5/5!
My only disseapointment is Razzle dazzle which I think belongs on a different album.

Another great thing about the album is the live-feel you get. It sounds very live. In my opinion, almost every track on this one would fit like a glove for the setlist on the upcoming Bananas-tour. So now, let's just hope that this one can make Deep Purple a commercial success so that they get the positive attention they've deserved for so long!

Fredrik Jiglund

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