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Below is a selection of imaginary reviews we have received from hopeful Deep Purple fans. Please also send us your review

Jayson Wyatt writes:
When I heard that Deep Purple was getting an outside producer for their new album I thought, "cool, some new creative energy." When I heard that the guy they had chosen had worked with Kid Rock and Uncle Cracker I thought, "Why? I can't stand either of those artists and he'll probably change Deep Purple's sound into something I don't want to hear."
But then I thought, "Hmm... Deep Purple has so much integrity. They know what their fans appreciate and expect and would never get some producer just because he's worked with some other popular modern artists. He must genuinely be an incredible producer."
After reading more about Michael Bradford, I think this new album is going to be absolutely unbelievable! He understands the band and their legacy and is actually a fan himself. The pictures of the band in the studio where everyone is smiling and happy speak for themselves. I think we're all going to be doing that when the album finally comes out!
I predict it will be in my top three favorite Deep Purple albums in the history of the band thus far. I can't wait for August to get here. Long live rock and roll and long live Deep Purple!

Evelyn Waugh-Blee writes:
Deep Purple have outdone themselves on their latest CD, Opium Ass Rocket. It has everything a recording should - great songs, great performances, and inventive lyrics. Purple cover the musical spectrum, from the heavy rocking title track, to the burlesque 'He's A Dandy (Cobblestone Wizard)', to the album closing, 'The Things She'll Do For A Box Of Wine', a dixieland romp.
The first thing to jump out is how well Don Airey fits the Purple sound, while maintaining his own style. He gives a show-stopping solo on 'Drang Nacht Austin', a country polka about a groupie who hitch hikes from Boston to Texas to catch a show. Gillan goes a little off the deep end on this one:
Hank had the shingles, but she wanted his shank
As they drank in the dank juke joint...

Roger Glover, surprisingly, has taken to bowing a double bass. And as odd as that may seem, it works; check out his rare solo during the second break in 'Lake Flaccid' - perhaps the only bass solo in a hard rock song about impotence ever recorded!
Ian Paice experiments with tabla drums to great effect. That, coupled with his outstanding trianglemanship, makes 'Both Ends Burning' a song to remember. (Curious lyrics from Gillan, once again.)
Steve Morse's influence can be heard throughout the CD, and nowhere is it more evident than on 'Landing Stripped'. It's classic Morse.
Michael Bradford holds the show together with impeccable production. Almost. If you listen closely to the fade on 'Corduroy Tent', you can hear him yelling: 'Jesus, Ian...You're gonna burn this place down...someone get a f**king extinguisher!!!!...No Simon...you can't have a stool sample for the archives! ...No Steve...I don't know the nearest place to score some Dr. Pepper !!''
With Opium Ass Rocket, Purple are back in top form. The only issue may be the 3-D hologram cover. Do not eat before purchasing this CD.

Gordon Thrasher writes:
Deep Purple's long awaited new album, To the Edge of the Abyss, is finally a reality. After a few 'listens', here are some thoughts on the fourteen offerings within.
The opening track is the most important on any album - it must get the attention of the listener immediately. It must reveal the promise of what is yet to come. Abyss doesn't disappoint. It grabs you by the throat. A hard rock opener in the tradition of Highway Star. All five members are featured, but Don's organ and Steve's guitar are in the forefront. This may well be their show-opener for the next year or two.
Track two is another lively number, which features the rhythm section. Roger's bass lines are well defined and guide the band through this number. Will be a good live song for extended jamming.
Track three is a little slower and features Ian's vocals. A good toe-tapper and a particularly good beat to dance to. Melodic organ from Don makes this song complete. Maybe a single.
Track four is The Well-Dressed Guitar, which Purple performed during their 2002 tour. Steve plays it hard and fast with a classical overtone. His skills are showcased in this song.
Track five is the title track. Quite possibly the best on the album. A rocker with a dark side. A haunting organ duet featuring Don and Jon Lord (one of three Jon Lord performances on Abyss). The longest song on the album (just over ten minutes). Paicey's tom-toms are featured in an interesting interplay with Jon about halfway through. Great stuff!
Track five is very entertaining, featuring the return of the "Back Street Dolls and the Side Door Johnnies". A jazzy little number with a lot of harmony.
Track six is Paicey. This rocker is a vehicle for his extraordinary talents. Roger's bass is in the forefront, as well. This one will blow your speakers.
Track seven is the serious song on the album, Contact Lost. A musical tribute to the crew of STS-107. A ballad featuring Ian's vocals. This is a heart-rending song with a superb organ duet from Don and Jon. Fine acoustic guitar from Steve, as well. This song was Steve's brainchild.
Track eight gets back to rock and roll. Hard, fast and loud. All members are featured. Hang on!
Track nine is more of the same. Steve and Don are in the forefront on this offering.
Tracks ten and eleven slow down the pace ever so slightly, but make no mistake. It's rock and roll as only Purple can do it.
Track twelve is Jon's last song on Abyss. Organ work is reminiscent of Lazy. Jon is superb, as usual. The "Lord of the Hammond" takes command of this song and shows us why he is called, "the Maestro".
Track thirteen has a slower, driving rhythm, which features Don. Powerful organ solo about half way through with just a hint of classical influence. Sure to be a crowd favorite in concert.
Track fourteen is a fitting end to this masterpiece. All five members are showcased at various points during this song. Typical Purple! Steve even does some back-up harmony on this closing number.
In closing, Michael Bradford and the band can be extremely proud of this album. Ian's and Roger's lyrics are wonderful. The music is superbly written (and performed). Michael has pulled it all together and the result is an album worthy of this great band. It reminds one of Machine Head, and yet, it is unique of itself. It is a hard rock album, to be sure, and yet, it has some introspective moments. It will make even the most die-hard MK II fans sit up and take notice. Will definitely rank as one of their best. What else can I say? On the Edge of the Abyss is undeniably Deep Purple. Deep Purple at their hard rockin' best. There is no higher praise I can think of. They've done it again! Can you believe it?

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