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I have had the newest offering from Deep Purple "Bananas" since mid-June and after more than two months of listening, pausing, starting, rewinding, re-starting, smiling, etc, it comes to this, I can't stop playing it. Everyday, a different song emerges as my favorite of the day. Does it sound like original Deep Purple? No, I don't hear any Rod Evans or Nick Simper influences on the disk. Does it sound like it belongs in the Deep Purple catalogue? I big definite YES! It rocks! Lots of styles, lots of substance, lots of surprises, such as the cow bells on the opening song, and the use of a vibra slap on "I've Got Your Number."

The review:

House of Pain - Great opening tune. The songs opens with a great Gillan scream and has it all, harmonica, cowbell, great driving bass, nice 18 second guitar solo that goes straight into a tasteful 15 second organ solo-trading off solos like Blackmore and Lord of days long past. MVP: GILLAN

Sun Goes Down - Nice heavy chugging song that opens with Perfect Stranger style organ opening. For some reason I think Ozzy Osbourne tune with good vocals!?! Good guitar solos in this song, excellent organ work, nice break in the song at the 2.38 mark that Paicey shines through. Excellent song. Co-MVP's AIREY/PAICE

Haunted - Had this playing in the car when I stopped to get gas and kept it playing while filling up. Three young females at the next pump asked, what a great song, who is that? When I mentioned Deep Purple, I got the standard answer I hear all the time, "I didn't know they were still around." They commented that the song should be a Number 1 hit and asked where they could buy it. I told them that it was not going on sale for a while since Deep Purple did not have a label in the United States. They seemed as puzzled as I am-for shame! Beautiful song. I hope when playing this live, Morse does not ruin it with a "too long" intro, which I can see him doing. MVP: BRADFORD (For introducing female background vocalist Beth Hart to a great Gillan effort)

Razzle Dazzle - This has got to be Gillan's favorite song on the CD, I imagine him loving this song. Don's honky-tonk piano solo is great, great lyrics, great chorus. Co-MVP's: AIREY/GILLAN

Silver Tongue - Wonderful song all the way around. Guitar, organ, bass, drums all sizzle! Gillan having fun with great lyrics. Very modern sounding Purple-I like it. Glover's keeps the chugging pace on track and shines on this track. MVP: GLOVER

Walk On - My favorite song on the CD. This slow blues song begs and pleads to be put in the live set and not clock in at less than 12 minutes. Lyrics are fun, soaring guitar solo's, great bass line, nice organ work. Live, I can see the ending of the song crashing into a thunder-like noise and followed immediately with a rousing rendition of Speed King. Oh, I can't wait! MVP:GILLAN

Pictures of Innocence - This song, unlike most of the others took a couple of listens before I liked it. Starting as a shuffle and progressing into a harder rock song with excellent solos from Morse and Airey. The Airey solo starting at the 3.36 mark is excellent, with a Lord-like sound to it. Good tune. MVP: MORSE/AIREY

I've Got Your Number - Please make it stop! I walk around singing "I've Got Your Number" all the time. Funny how that is, good song, but far from my favorite track on the CD. Glover is at the top of his game on this song. I heard this was already in the live set and wonder if Paice is using the Vibra Slap on stage as in the studio. I find this song too long/repetitive while thinking some of the other songs should be longer, if that makes sense. MVP: PAICE

Never A Word - Beautiful song from start to finish. The stacking of Gillan's voice is remarkable, makes him sound like a choir boy. This song brings tears to my wife's eyes, and she is NOT a DP fan. After a 30 second (or so) intro, Gillan takes control of the song with his voice. Sounds like a Simon and Garfunkel song, only better. Co-MVP's: GILLAN/BRADFORD (For including a song that would not have made the CD without him)

Bananas - YES! Modern sounding Purple with a hint of Yes sound. Great fast tune, with harmonica spread throughout. Lyrics are fun and typical Gillan. Good job Rick Wakeman, I mean Don Airey. MVP: THE BAND

Doing it Tonight - This song took a couple of listens, but when the funky sounding hook was planted in my head, wow. I like it. Another song with wonderful organ solo's. This song should be in the set, maybe first encore? The song needs to be stretched out a bit if included in the set. Hard to get this one of your head. MVP: GILLAN

Contact Lost - Wow. MVP: MORSE.

Is this a good CD? No, it is great! This ranks up there with some of the best of them. It will be interesting to see if management gets their act together for this release. I never heard a word when it came to the releases of Perpendicular and Abandon. This band deserves some recognition this time around. Overall MVP of the CD: Bradford. Great job!

Songs to include in the set this coming tour should include, at the very least: Haunted, Walk On, I've Got Your Number, Doing it Tonight and either House of Pain or Sun Goes Down. Even then, might be hard to not include Silver Tongue or Razzle Dazzle. Decisions, decisions.

Ted Hurst

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