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I spent the afternoon of 2nd of july together with the forthcoming new album by Deep Purple...

At this early moment I don't want to talk about the specific songs, I'd rather let that wait to the review later on (quite frankly - I don't want to give you my negative thoughts this early on). But on the kinder note of things it's easy to realize that the new album is a really well produced album, full of surprises that at some points reminds me of the album that Ian Gillan and Roger Glover released 1988 (was it?).

Compared to "Abandon" this album is more keyboard orientated, but without the few highlights that Jon Lord shared with us then.

Having said that, this is not a Deep Purple-sounding album. If you like your hard rock the way Purple used to play it, that is. With a fuelled driven sound full of intensity that always were significant for the sound of Deep Purple.

Which, after all, not is something to be surprised about as the two main songwriters in that charactaristic sound is not part of the band anymore. The solo albums of late with Ian Gillan and, especially, Roger Glover have not have much in common with the sound of Deep Purple and the new members in the band are not raised in that same tradition. So that the sound were about to be different this time wasn't a hard task to figure out.

If you like this new sound of the band is a personal question not to be answered generally. But don't expect the sound of the old albums or, for that sake, not even (in my view) the absolutely breathtakingly brilliant "Purpendicular" album. In that respect the sound of "Bananas" is, if any similarities, closer to "Abandon".

Dennis Karlsson

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