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That clinking clanking sound

TL;DR: financial affairs of the pre-reunion Purple are a huge mess. Lots of money “disappeared”. Lawsuits are abundant. Gory details below.

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Voices from the past

An interview with Nick Simper was posted a couple of weeks ago (although it is not clear when it was recorded). Nick talks about his work with The Good Old Boys, Nasty Habits, the days long gone with Jonny Kidd & the Pirates, and of course Deep Purple. Listen to the interview on Mixcloud (warning: […]

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Purple family remembers Tony Edwards

Funeral for the late Tony Edwards was held in London on November 18th with Jon Lord and other luminaries in attendance. DPAS has a full report. The reaction across Purple family has been overwhelmingly appreciative of Tony’s role in the life of the band. Jon Lord: A few days ago – fittingly, on Remembrance Day […]

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Tony Edwards R.I.P.

DPAS reports that Tony Edwards, the former manager of Deep Purple, has died on November 11 at a London hospital at the age of 78. Ritchie Blackmore has this to say in Tony’s memory: WITHOUT TONY EDWARDS THERE WOULD BE NO DEEP PURPLE. With deepest respect — and with great sorrow — we honor Tony […]

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