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The photographic memory filing system

Lyme Regis Radio has an interview with Ian Gillan hidden deep in the bowels of their archives. It is undated as far as the year is concerned, but Gillan’s Inn is mentioned at one point as his new album, so this gives some sort of a time frame.

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Water under the bridge

Norwegian based webzine Eternal Terror has a new extensive interview with Bernie Tormé. The conversation covered a lot of ground, from Bernie’s latest solo work Blackheart, to his thoughts on the state of the music industry, to reminiscing on replacing Randy Rhoads in Ozzy’s band, to his time with Gillan:

I remember reading somewhere that while the Gillan band did really well in terms of touring and selling records and so on, the whole thing was in actual fact a financial disaster.

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John “Dawk” Stillwell R.I.P.

John “Dawk” Stillwell has passed away unexpectedly earlier this week. He was a musician and electronics engineer from Ithaca, NY, who started working with the local band Elf in early 60s.

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Old farts’ music

Doogie White celebrates 20th anniversary of Stranger In Us All with this podcast special, full of good old Scottish joviality and excellent music:

And because Doogie is such a good lad, we’ll also plug a new album with his old pals from La PazShut Up And Rawk!

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All hypothetically speaking, of course

Well, if one good thing came out of this whole Hall of Fame saga, it’s additional publicity for the band. And in show business there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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Rise or plummet?

Classic Rock has an opinion piece by Neil Jeffries titled Will Ritchie’s RAinbow rise… or plummet down to earth?. Which, really, says most of it. He has his doubts, and so does truly yours.

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The end of the beginning

Mike Eriksson (of the Swedish Deep Purple Forever fan club fame) is posting a series of articles in his blog dedicated to what ended up being the last Deep Purple tour in the 1970s.

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Blackmore’s drummer speaks out

Deep Purple Italia has an interview with David Keith, the drummer from Blackmore’s Night who was also tapped to play the three gigs next summer under the Rainbow moniker.

How is it working with Ritchie Blackmore?

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Ash vs. Evil Dead

Purple music is prominently featured in the new installment of the Evil Dead horror comedy franchise — TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead. The first episode theme was Space Truckin’, with Highway Star featured in the second.

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Halfway between musician and a drummer

A 2002 vintage interview with Roger Glover done by Eric Blair was recently posted on YouTube (watch inside) Read more »

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