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Royal treatment

It’s widely known that Scandinavia is a good market for Purple and apparently their popularity extends all the way into the royal families. In Norway, crown prince Haakon joined a local band at their gig and played Smoke on the Water.

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JL-inspired bike ride

British paper Newsbury Today reports that one man decided to very literally get off his arse, and do it big time. Alex Pickard has started today, August 29, an 800-mile bicycle ride across the country, from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland, to raise £3,000 for the Sunflower Jam.

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Coveradle and the ice bucket

David Coverdale got the short end of the stick in the Ice Bucket Challenge that is intended to raise funds and awareness for a disease called ALS. (watch inside what happened) Read more »

Child in Time and Black Night

The official Youtube channel has posted a couple of clips -- Child in Time and Black Night -- with narration from Jon Lord. I have a strong deja vu feeling about both of them, so they're probably recycled from the recent DP(o) video releases. Read more »

Purple sneakers

English graphic artist Becky ‘Cozy’ Welton has produced a pair of very Purple sneakers for herself.

The sneakers are now on their way to New York for an audition for a Converse ad campaign.

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A kindred spirit

It’s a poorly hidden secret that one Ritchie Blackmore has an admiration for one Ian Anderson. After all, after unknown amount of persuasion, Anderson played a flute solo on the first Blackmore’s Night album.

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Coverdale’s new studio

Somewhere in between of looking for a new guitar player and warding off fridge intruders, David Coverdale also has been building in Reno, Nevada, a new studio for his band. (watch inside) Read more »

Yet another ‘greatest riff’ poll

BBC Radio is conducting an online poll of greatest guitar riffs. Smoke on the Water and Long Live Rock’n’Roll are in the running. The latter is quite a bit of a strange choice, but that’s a matter of taste.

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Caveat emptor: Hard Road and In Concert’72

The part of Deep Purple’s back catalogue that ended up in Warner’s hands appears to be being repackaged and re-released once again.

Hard Road: The Mark 1 Studio Recordings box set will be released on July 25 in Gemany and 28th in the UK.

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Purpendicular reissue review

The record company has been kind enough to send us a freebie, so here’s a quick review of the Purpendicular reissue.

The new edition comes in a fold out digipak with redesigned booklet.

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