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Bologna 1971

An audience recording of Deep Purple gig in Bologna, Italy, on May 27, 1971, has surfaced on YouTube. The sound quality is, ahem, fair, but one can not ask too too much from that era. Read more »

From Changshu to Austin

Couple of new entries to our trainspotting project.

A restaurant called Deep Purple has opened last year in Chiangshu, China. It specializes in western (as in European / North American / Australian) food.

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More Purple trainspotting

After discovery of the Deep Purplestraat, everything else feels like we’re kinda scraping the bottom of a barrel, but new stuff keeps popping up.

Michel De Pourcq sent in this photo of a clothing store in Wijk Bij Duurstede in Netherlands:

Hmmm, where have I seen that font?

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Deep Purplestraat

I’ll see your Highway Star hotel and raise you a Purple street, says Rudie Rutjes. In the town of Lent, which is just north of Nijmegen in The Netherlands, there is a new neigbourhood with streets named after rock bands.

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Tabloid science

Apparently publisher of British tabloids Trinity Mirror has nothing better to do than pretend doing scientific work. Their “data unit” conducted a study of lyrics to over 6,000 songs by British and Irish bands:

Sentiment analysis involves picking out emotive words or phrases in a given text and placing them in context with the words around them to form an overall impression of the mood of the passage.

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Lazy in Verona

To celebrate the release of Live in Verona, the record company posted video of Lazy, which performance we have previously seen in an audience recording. (watch inside) Read more »

Uncommon Man

The record company has posted Uncommon Man from Celebrating Jon Lord, which sold so well, that it hit #1 in a number of European countries.

Thanks to Classic Rock for the info.

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Canadian covers

Two Candian bands, Public Animal and Mokomokai, has released a split 7″ with one Deep Purple each.

The songs can be streamed online and bought as downloads but there is also an actual vinyl single released by Squirtgun Records, in purple vinyl of course!

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A sound approach

Those of you interested in the (audio) technical side of a Deep Purple tour should check out an article from the US tour in the online mag Pro Sound News.

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Royal treatment

It’s widely known that Scandinavia is a good market for Purple and apparently their popularity extends all the way into the royal families. In Norway, crown prince Haakon joined a local band at their gig and played Smoke on the Water.

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