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The Purple Album: sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t

Ever since Whitesnake’s The Purple Album came out a few days ago, it has been the talk of the town in Purple quarters of the ‘net. Love it or hate it, DC managed to get lots of attention to this release.

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Rival Sons to support Purple

California band Rival Sons will be supporting Deep Purple on all dates of the European tour this Fall.

In my opinion, this is a rather welcome addition to the bill.

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With the benefit of hindsight

Mike Eriksson (of the Deep Purple Forever Swedish fan club fame) has published on his blog a lengthy interview with Glenn Hughes. The interview was conducted in 1996 by himself and Coast To Coast editor Lennart Hedenström, and covers many things — some educational, some inspirational, some boisterous, and some — with the benefit of the 20-year hindsight — quite naive.

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Pyrotechnical virtuosity and naïve songwriting

Roger Glover and Ian Paice explaining how they see the reasons behind the band's success. (watch inside) Read more »

New take on Soldier of Fortune

Whitesnake's record label has released another promo video for their upcoming Purple Album. Soldier of Fortune manages to avoid the hair metal clichés and stay closer to the original. (watch inside) Read more »

The HoF saga, episode #65,535

The Rolling Stone magazine has conducted a reader’s poll about artists that should be inducted into the infamous Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. And perhaps surprisingly for them, but not so much for the rest of the world, Deep Purple took the top spot.

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Master Bernie

Bernie Marsden has been awarded a honorary Master of Arts degree by his home town University of Buckingham. The presentation speech delivered by Professor John Clarke lists Bernie’s numerous achievements, from scoring a #1 US hit with Here I Go Again, to his recent charity work.

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Soundtrack spotting

A couple of Purple tunes could be heard in the movie theatres recently.

Mistreated was featured in an animated fantasy musical by LucasFilm called Strange Magic, sung by Alan Cumming:

A cover of Hush (or is that a cover of a cover?) has been spotted in a British action comedy flick Kingsman: The Secret Service.

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There was no sandstorm!

Our friends from the Czech fan club Deep Purple CZ did another excellent interview with Don Airey and graciously offered us the original English version for publication.

DP CZ: So, back on tour after what’s been precisely a year.

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Grown Old

Dedicated to JLT Every night I have the same old dream Where Ritchie calls, I don't hear the ring So many chances, I always cry Read more »

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