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Death Alley Tony

American heavy metal band A Sound Of Thunder is releasing their new album Tales from the Deadside. The album features two bonus tracks: covers of Rainbow’s Death Alley Driver and Dio’s Last in Line.

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The anti-AC/DC formula

The Montreal Blues Society is preparing a review of Deep Purple's appearance at the Ottawa Bluesfest. In the meantime, we are happy to offer you their review of Now What?!
Ok, blah, blah, blah. What about the music? I pour myself a frosty Kool Aid and set myself on the king’s throne and hit play.
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Our new robotic overlords

And just when you thought that nothing can top the Siberian throat take on the Highway Star, or the infamous in certain quarters Firemen of Edo, another gem comes your way.

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The official YouTube channel has a couple of clips that offer view of a gig from quite a unique angle. (watch inside) Read more »

We had him castrated

Jon Lord sitting down at a piano backstage circa 2000 tour. (watch inside) Read more »

Not only the cops…

John Whittingdale, the newly appointed UK Culture Secretary, has revealed in a recent interview to The Telegraph that he is a Deep Purple fan:

I love TV, I love film, I love music.

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Mmmm, harmonies

Yesterday, June 9, Whitesnake played a gig in Glenn Hughes' neghbourhood -- Beverly Hills, California. You can guess what happened. (watch inside) Read more »

Fast cars and broken jaws

Bob Daisley tells quite a few amusing anecdotes from his days in Rainbow. (watch inside) Read more »

12 carat gold

Mike Eriksson has a story in his blog of how back in the day Deep Purple have ended up with one half of a gold record. Read more »

Tensions, tantrums and traumas

The Classic Rock magazine is devoting its weekly Thursday Death Match feature to pitting Deep Purple against, well, Deep Purple. That is Mark 2 against Mark 3. And while there’s nothing new, it’s an entertaining read and you get to vote at the end after surrendering another bit of your privacy.

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