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August 30
As We Were Saying...
Problems with transferring the domain to the new server caused us to drop off the Net for a few days, but hopefully it's all resolved now and we're back for good. We hope we didn't scare you with our absence...

August 27
Rapture Of The Deep Cover
According to "The Aviator" and "Eagle Rock Entertainment", Deep Purple's new album, "Rapture Of The Deep" will have this cover. The 8 track (not complete tracks) promo cover looks like this.
Thanks to The Aviator and
Eagle Rock Entertainment for the information.

August 24
Rapture Tracklist
Deep Purple's new album "Rapture Of The Deep" will be released as...

European version:
1. Money Talks
2. Wrong Man
3. Girls Like That
4. Rapture Of The Deep
5. Clearly Quite Absurd
6. Don't Let Go
7. Back To Back
8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
9. MTV *
10. Junkyard Blues
11. Before Time Began

* = Bonustrack for a limited edition in Europe
Limited edition will be a metalbox and the CD will include an enhanced
part, as well (probably an interview).

Japanese version:
1. Money Talks
2. Girls Like That
3. Wrong Man
4. Rapture Of The Deep
5. Clearly Quite Absurd
6. Don't Let Go
7. Back To Back
8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
9. Junkyard Blues
10. Before Time Began
11. Things I Never Said *

* = Bonustrack for Japan
Thanks to The Aviator
for the information.

August 23
Rapture Of The Deep
Deep Purple's new album will be called "Rapture Of The Deep".
The song order might be different.
1. Back To Back
2. Before Time Began
3. Clearly Quite Absurd
4. Don’t Let Go
5. Girls Like That
6. Rapture Of The Deep
7. MTV
8. Money Talks
9. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
10. Junkyard Blues
11. Things I Never Said
12. Wrong Man

Junkyard Blues (probably a bonustrack for Japan)
MTV (probably a bonustrack for a limited edition in Europe)

This is a sketch of the album cover, which the band rejected. Watch this space for the real cover. The releases date is October 21 on Edel Records.
Thanks to The Aviator
, Deep Purple and ShopEMI for the information.

August 23
Gillan's Birthday
As you may know or not, but Ian Gillan became 60 last friday. He were staying with Deep Purple's manager Bruce Payne. Ian Gillan wrote a letter and you can read it here.
Thanks to Ian Gillan
for the information.

August 18
Steve Morse on Tribute CD
Steve Morse appears on a tribute album to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" called "Back Against The Wall". Steve plays on the song "Another Brick In The Wall Part 1". The album also feature Glenn Hughes, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman (Yes), Dweezil Zappa, Steve Lukather (Toto) among others. The album will be released on September 27. You can order it in our shop.
Thanks to Steve Morse
for the information.

August 11
Ian Gillan Interview
Garry Sharpe-Young talked to Ian Gillan. Here is a few bits from the interview:

"‘No Worries’ was included because we really just wanted one new song on there to bring us full circle so to speak. It’s a bit of a slow Blues type number."

"I think ‘Gillan’s Inn’ will be coming out in January 2006. Deep Purple will be on the road for a good two years promoting this next album (Rapture Of The Deep)."

"When I left Deep Purple in 1973 we were really just playing Town Halls, City Halls, Theatres, that kind of thing. Now, we’re playing enormous arenas all over the world, so the whole thing has just got much, much bigger. The only place in the world that we don’t play the huge venues is the USA, that’s because we’re only played on classic Rock radio."

"There is absolutely no ill feeling between Jon (Lord) and Deep Purple. In fact, Jon very often phones us up backstage just before a gig to wish us luck. He’s on the ‘Gillan’s Inn’ album too."

Read the full interview here.
Thanks to Rock Detector
for the information.

August 8
Deep Purple on TV
Documentary about Deep Purple will be shown on The Biography Channel (U.K.) on August 20 (8.00 pm, 12.00 pm and 1.00 am), August 21 (10.00 am, 11.00 am, 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm), August 22 (9.00 am, 2.00 pm and 10.00 pm) and August 23 (8.00 am and 4.00 pm).
Thanks to Colin Fairbrass for the information

August 7
Deep Purple in Japan
Deep Purple is line up for a festival in Japan according to Summer Sonic. In Tokyo August 13 and Osaka August 14.
Thanks to Summer Sonic
for the information.

August 7
Don Airey and Friends
Don Airey and Friends (Robert Hart, Keith Airey, Chris Childs and Harry James) will do a couple of gigs in U.K. later this month. On Wednesday 24th August (7.30 pm) they will play at the Alnwick Playhouse in Alnwick and on Saturday 27th August (8.00 pm) they will play at The Stables Theatre in Wavendon, Milton Keynes.
Thanks to
DPAS, Alnwick Playhouse and The Stables Theatre for the information.

August 5
Deep Purple on Radio
Classic 21, which is a classic rock station part of the Belgian National Radio & Television Network (RTBF), will broadcast a "Deep Purple special" on Sunday, 7th August from 9am to 12 (CET). There will be a contest to win DVD's, "In Concert 72/73". You can listen on it by streaming in 24k or 128k.
Thanks to Maxime Cromps for the information

August 3
Big Thanks to the Donors
A big thanks to Leslie Hedger, Ralph Pondman and Michael Schumacher for their repeated donations and helping The Highway Star with the June bill. For those who would like to help to keep The Highway Star online, please visit the Donor Page or the Shop. Thank you all, without you, The Highway Star wouldn't exist.

August 1
Rapture Song Titles
Song titles from the upcoming Deep Purple album, "Rapture Of The Deep" is starting to pop up. Ian Gillan mention one in his last Dear Friends letter, "Before Time Began". Other titles have been mention, such as "Girls Like That", "Wrong Man", "Junkyard Blue", "Back to Back" and "Rature Of The Deep". Watch this space for the final list.
Thanks to
Ian Gillan and The Aviator for the information.

July 31
Deep Purple in Classic Rock
In the latest issue (83) of the Classic Rock Magazine (UK), there is an "In Rock" feature, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the album. The magazine was available from 27th July.
Thanks to Mike Taylor and Lou Carvell for the information

July 30
At Last, A New Home...
The Highway Star has finally managed to finish moving into the new server, and hopefully we haven't forgotten anything behind. The content files have had to be completely rebuilt because we could no longer assemble and present the webpages as we used to. That means you may well find places where the workmen forgot to finish -- and please let us know if you do.
We've got some big expansion plans for once all the boxes are unpacked -- the movie and sound files are coming back, we are thinking about creating a blog community, and searchable databases of the Deep Purple details scattered all over the website, just to name a few.
So, thanks very much for your kind patience of the past few months, please take a look around and see that your favorite stuff is where you left it, and get ready to try out the new features very soon!

July 28
Steve Morse DVD
Steve Morse Band live in Baden Baden, Germany 1990 is going to be released on DVD. Expected release is in September.
Thanks to
Steve Morse and Frank Winter for the information.

July 27
Steve Morse Letter
Steve Morse found some time off (8 miles above the earth) and wrote a letter. Here is a few bits:

"We ended up being able to play on "Live 8" by virtue of some excellent planning. Our managers got together with Ryan Aviation in Rockford, Illinois, and got us a big enough jet to bring us to Canada, then back to the U.S. for our next scheduled date.....the same day."

"Musical highlights for me were just being able to hear some great artists play. I knew Randy Bachman's music from his hits with Bachman Turner Overdrive, but I wasn't prepared for how well he sang and played. I'm a big Bryan Adams fan, so I watched his set and said hello with a big smile on my face. He always sounds fantastic."

"Perhaps the biggest deal for me personally was a conversation I had with Mick Mars from Motley Crue." "I got a chance to talk to Mick and tell him that he was an inspiration to my son."

"The show last night in Bulgaria was amazing. 5 miles before the gig, we saw people parking their cars on the side of the only road leading to the remote outdoor location." "In that part of the World, Deep Purple was not even allowed to be sold or listened to "back in the day!""

Read the full letter here, part 1 and part 2.
Thanks to
Steve Morse for the information.

July 26
Deep Purple Family
Roger Glover feature on a new CD called "Deep Purple Family". Roger Glover can be found on the song "Strange Times". Other artist on the album is David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Eddie Hardin etc. You can buy the CD in our shop.

July 21
Roger Glover's  Photos
Roger Glover have published some photos from the recording of "Rapture Of The Deep", Live 8 etc on his webpage. Check it out here.

July 5
Watch Deep Purple at Live 8
Deep Purple's show at Live 8 is available online. You can see the show here.

July 2
Deep Purple at Live 8
For those who didn't see the show, Deep Purple did "Highway Star", "Smoke On The Water" and "Hush".

July 2
Ian Gillan about Live 8
In a interview about Live 8, Ian Gillan said:

"This is a front-on assault at a time when an awful lot can be done. I think if you can put massive pipelines across Siberia and Alaska to extract oil then it wouldn't be too difficult to build a few pipes to get some water into places (in Africa)."

"No matter what the reactions of the politicians are, they must be aware that it's going to become an issue as much as green issues and social issues have become," he says. "I think they have to stop underestimating the intelligence of the people in the countries where these concerts are taking place."

Ian Gillan also says he'll be putting the finishing vocals on "Rapture Of The Deep" (the new studio album), next week in Los Angeles.
Read the full story here.
Thanks to
Jam Showbiz for the information.

July 2
Roger Glover about Live 8
In a phone interview about Live 8, Roger Glover said:

"They're not asking for money, just raising awareness, and I think that's a really bold move"

"There aren't many classic hard-rock bands on the bill", "In fact, we might be the only one they asked."

"Something this big, it's an honor to be chosen. You'd be churlish to turn it down,"

"It's not a charity, but a way to promote a cause. A lot of us see a lot of imbalance in the world, and a lot of times you feel helpless to do anything about it."

It's a strict 15 minutes set. "Smoke on the Water" and "Highway Star" is two of the three songs Deep Purple will play (the third song is undecided). Expect Deep Purple on stage in Barrie (Canada) sometime between 1 pm and 3 pm local time (5 pm and 7 pm GMT)
Read the full story here or here
Thanks to The Advocate and Greenwich Time for the information.

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