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Some of Didi Zill's Deep Purple photos

Blackmore and Gillan get
down to it in Italy 1988

Didi's first session with Deep Purple, Munich 1970*

Purple gang of bikers
Copenhagen 1971*

Menorca 1986: Jon Lord
and Ian Paice with Didi Zill

Jon Lord and furry friend 1974

Ian Paice having a ball in Montreux 1971

Mark 2's final show Osaka June 29, 1973*

Benchmarkers in hard rock Copenhagen 1971

The wrecked Budokan after the Tokyo show on June 27, 1973*

Blackmore and the fires at midnight, Long Island 1987*

Working in wood
Gillan wielding his axe in 1985

All photos reproduced
with permission from
Didi Zill and
Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf.
* Photo not used in the book, although similar shots are included

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