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Didi Zill Deep Purple

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Peter Rossen:
A few days ago I ordered the Didi Zill book and today it was delivered. Immediately I started reading and staring at the photos. It was many hours later when I stopped. So many beautiful pictures bring back so many memories. Especially the photos taken at the homes of some of the band members are very nice. And what about the the tourphotos? Fantastic! You can almost hear the music coming out of the book. Too bad it stops at 1990 - I hope there will be a part two within a few years. [Sadly there can't be as Didi hasn't followed the band since 1991. Rasmus]

I got this delivered today and so far it is excellent. Quite a few pictures have been seen before including the Machine Head recording sessions but the vast majority I have never seen before. I don't speak German so I don't understand the text, but most of the captions are obvious and the narrative introductions to the sections appear just to cover the familiar DP history. The only two errors I have spotted so far are one backstage photo of Ritchie which is reversed - showing left handed guitars, and some pictures of the first Rainbow line-up (Blackmore plus Elf) in the studio shown out of chronological sequence. One thing that struck me is how cooperative Ritchie seemed to be. I think if he knows and likes a person he won't "act up". It's a must buy if you can afford it, although I am not sure that £60 plus could be called value for money.

Mic Olsen:
As I closed the final page of this huge book I was just a bit disappointed. Maybe it's because I was hoping for something more or perhaps it was the high price - or maybe just the feeling of a material possession of the nastiest kind, because really it's about the music and not the photograph.
But, the next day I looked it over again and I felt better about owning it. After all, Deep Purple is my favourite band and I never see that many photos of them over here in the States. That's probably the number one reason I bought this book. Finally a ton of photos! I hate seeing so many picture books of other bands (Who, Stones, Zep...) but none of DP? Even artists that couldn't lick the boots of Purple get a photo book. Oh well.

Good aspects of the book:
1) The Machine Head sessions are covered very well.
2) 1973 Japan tour, on and off stage photos, this was the best part for me.
3) The Burn era. Covered nicely with a 'proper' photo session, shots from a rehearsal session and some in concert shots. These should be the photos used for the remastered Burn CD.
4) The reunion era. Live shots covered really well. Lots of good backstage shots.
5) I keep going back to the book and thumbing through it!

Poor aspects of the book:
1) No shots of the band on stage between 1970 and 1972. A big letdown for me.
2) Too many photos of individuals members at home. Half as many would have been fine.
3) No dates of when photos were taken.
4) I think the book could have been better organized and probably will be in the future.
Originally my grade would have been: C+, but after further examination: B (There are so many 'eye opening' photographs.)

With any luck other photographers, such as Fin Costello might put together a Deep Purple book of their own. And hopefully, with plenty of stage/concert shots as well. Or perhaps "An Illustrated History of Deep Purple" book, using lots of photographers shots with tour dates and memorabilia tossed in for good measure. Other bands seem to get this kind of special treatment. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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