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Didi Zill Roger Glover

Taken in Italy 1988, this photo shows Roger Glover with his embryonic email set-up, which he first used in Australia 1984 - predating The Highway Star by about ten years...
© Didi Zill

Roger Glover remembers:
The early years of email

"My only earliest memory of 'electronic mail' is from the Perfect Strangers tour in Australia, 1984. We had all bought Radio Shack model 100s, the only computer that could send emails at the time. The modem was a huge rubber device that physically wrapped itself around a telephone mouthpiece, resembling something from a science fiction alien nightmare movie.

I remember understanding that when I sent a message from my Sydney hotel room, it went up to a satellite, around the world and down to Washington, USA, where a giant computer routed it right back up to the satellite and down again, seconds later, to Jon Lord's room next door. We thought that was a real hoot. Boys and their toys indeed!"

- Roger Glover 2003

This picture appears in Didi Zill's book, albeit mirrored.
Reproduced on The Highway Star with kind permission from Didi Zill.
Scanning and mirroring by Catrin Wiegand


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