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Deep Purple - "Rapture of the Deep"

1. Money Talks
Finally, that solid, hard Keyboard intro reminiscent of old.The rest of the tune has many changes throughout and some nice blending of prior Purple Lps. It's like it should be on an album titled: "Perfect Fireball of an Abandoned Banana". Great opener.

2. Girls Like That
This is a very "Radio Friendly" tune with a pretty cool hook. Just a straight forward jam that maintains a solid beat.

3. Wrong Man
A fairly heavy chugging groove.

4. Rapture Of The Deep
Great Title track. Something I could see as a Movie Soundtrack tune for "Indiana Jones in India", if there was such a movie. Some nice vocals and instrumental work and some great melody

5. Clearly Quite Absurd
What appears to be the ballad tune but doesn't get too mushy. Reminds me a little of something off of Pink Floyd's "The Division Bell", with a nice multilevel climbing instrumental break in the middle and at the end which builds into a nice keyboard and guitar finish.

6. Don't Let Go
A nice little "Honky Tonk" with a slight "SRV" type guitar backing. A steady grooving foot tapper.

7. Back To Back
Fireball era vocals. This tune goes to many places. Some nice synthesizer midway and at the end. Hard to pin this one.

8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
A kind of "Jungle jingle" that becomes a "Gypsies Kiss" type tune then returns to the "Jungle Chug". Very different and catchy.

9. MTV
Sounds as if they are a little peeved at the present "Air Play" dilemma they are in. A jazzy riff type with some nice midway playing and grooving. It sounds like they are just having fun in the studio and turned it into a song. Pretty cool sarcastic lyrics.

10. Junkyard Blues
Not what I would call blues by any standard, yet there is kind of "Purple" feel to it that takes you to different places, especially midway, the piano is very reminiscent of "Woman Form Tokyo"

11. Before Time Began
A captivating "Seventh Heaven" goes to "Hawaii" meets "Gillan Band" ends up in "Pulp Fiction".

At first listen, much easier to accept than Bananas. It took me at least 4 listens to Bananas before I really got into it. This one hooked me from the beginning. Very versatile without having to sound like they are trying to come up with something different. This has a very natural feel to it, yet with a difference that is extremely their own. I can only expect it to (as with Bananas), get even better with each listen.

I have to say, that with each record they have put out, from Purpendicular on, you get something entirely different and fresh. Is this the best yet? I'm not sure I can say that, but what I can say is that it will definitely please the Purple Fans. The only thing this one is missing, is that "Balls to the Wall-Blow out" track. Gillan has played it very safe with this one as far a vocals go. Doesn't stretch too far yet touches some nice areas and ranges that will be great for their live show without having to kill himself. There are plenty of the Old tunes he can do that with.

Don Airey is all over this record as he should be. He has recouped that "Good Old Deep Purple "Growling Key Board Sound". Awesome to hear. Steve Morse has put his signature on this one now and between the 2 of them, we are witnessing "DEEP PURPLE" 21st Century Style. They have moved on. Some nice drumwork from Mr. Paice throughout with various little intro and ending rolls as in days of old. Roger Glover, as usual keeps that "Purple Bassline" strong and steady throughout.

It doesn't get much better than this folks. This is "Album Rock" like is supposed to be. Thanks guys for putting out some more quality music for those that appreciate just that.

Tracy Heyder

Tracy Heyder is a THS reader.

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