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Deep Purple - "Rapture of the Deep"

I have listened to the whole album (including MTV) several times and...

I feel it is better than Bananas, better than Abandon, better than Purpendicular better than Slaves and Masters and The House of Blue Light, and as good as Perfect Strangers.

I would even say it can be compared to some of the LPs the band recorded before 1984.

This does not mean, however, that Rapture of the Deep will revolutionize contemporary rock scene or that it will be regarded as a milestone record. No. Simply because Deep Purple play classic rock and roll and nowadays if you want to be on top, you have to be trendy. But as we need good classical music, good classic jazz or blues, we also need old good rock and roll.

And Rapture of the Deep brings a lot of damn good rock and roll.

Why do I think the album is so good?

1) It is very well produced. The record has a live feel to it - the band play spontaneously, in the same way they played on Perfect Strangers record. It has more organ sound which I missed on Abandon and Purpendicular.

2) It contains no fillers and has plenty of memorable songs. I love 9 out of 11 songs, I like the other two. Of course not all of them seem to be as immediate as the title track or Clearly Quite Absurd, but if you give them a chance, they will grow on you - even songs like

Don't Let Go (what a great organ solo - it reminds me of Jon's solos from the 70's - at least when it comes to the sound)

3) Great stuff from Morse and Airey. Never before have I heard so many good guitar-organ duels and solos.

As I said there are many gems on this album. The most obvious ones are:

1) Rapture of the Deep - a great song. Perfect Strangers of Steve Morse era. Full stop.

2) Clearly Quite Absurd - oh what a fantastic ballad they have produced!! Damn, I had tears in my eyes when I first listened to it. It is not only about the melody, it is also about the lyrics and the Airey - Morse playing towards the end of the song.

3) Before Time Began - a brilliant track. And so surprising. This is progressive hard rock. Shame they would never (never say never:)) record the whole album in this vein.

4) Junkyard Blues - just listen to the solos. Breathtaking.

5) Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - a great rocker, great playing from Ian Paice

6) MTV - fantastic singing by Gillan, fantastic lyrics, and very good solos.

7) Back to Back - great swinging chorus and a surprising solo from Don!

Great album by the great band.

Congratulations guys. At last!

Andrzej Janiak

Andrzej Janiak is a THS reader.

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