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One of the coolest Deep Purple albums ever

A few years ago Ian Gillan said, "we haven't done our best album yet", and I think he could be right. The last album, "Bananas" (2003), came just right after the transition of keyboard player from Jon Lord to Don Airey. "Bananas" had some strong songs but also some weak, but it was just a warm up for the new album "Rapture Of The Deep". Deep Purple put the foot down and this time they going the whole way without compromise.

1. Money Talks
Starts with a monster intro on keyboard. The best opening song of an album since "The Battle Rages On" ("The Battle Rages On" 1993).

2. Girls Like That
A bit jazzy, with a catchy chorus.

3. Wrong Man
A pumping riff, quite heavy.

4. Rapture Of The Deep
An oriental trip. A very strong track.

5. Clearly Quite Absurd
The ballad of the album and it beats "Haunted" ("Bananas" 2003) by miles.

6. Don't Let Go
Deep Purple goes funky, like "No One Came" ("Fireball" 1971), but different. Very cool track.

7. Back To Back
A lot of things going on here.

8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Can anyone sit still during this song?

9. MTV*
If I had to take one song off the album, it would be this one. It stills a good track.

10. Junkyard Blues
Not a typical blues.

11. Before Time Began

56 minutes later I realize that I have just listened to a really good album with no fillers. This is one of the coolest Deep Purple albums ever. There are a lot of things going on the whole time. I will not say this is better or worse than classic albums like "In Rock" (1970) or "Machine Head" (1972) but I will say it is a very good album.

Benny Holmström

Benny is a longtime editor of THS. Right now he is wondering if he should travel to Brazil to see the band.

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