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In 1978 Ian Gillan claimed that he was "Bringing Joanna back". Well, she disappeared again and was not found until the Deep Purple Web Crew brought her back from the kitchen in Rosa's Cantina. We rescued her and dubbed her "Miss Joanna - The Cantina Goddess". From now on Joanna is in charge of all the juicy Deep Purple related gossip.

NOTE: This is gossip. Talk to the news crew for the latest news.

January 10, 2000

PAAAARTYYYY! Oh, the millennium party is over? Sorry about that. On with the show...
One or two of my informers actually know how to read and they picked up the current edition of the Australian recording equipment magazine (Jan 2000). This magazine lists the reknowned mastering company, Edensound, as having worked on a new Deep Purple video soundtrack - our sources tell us this project is related to the possible merchandising DVD release of an early period Steve Morse/Deep Purple show from 1995. Stay tuned for more details. The editors asked me to tell you that you should not mail them asking questions about this yet because they have no information at all about this. However, they promise - as always - to tell you as soon as the project leave my rumour desk and move over to the boys at the news desk.
I see the boys had to shut down the guestbook. Well, that was abuot time. I wonder when they'll shut down the chat. What's going on there isn't anything a nice girl like me enjoys to read. Why can't you silly boys behave?! Yes, it is mostly apparently little boys from what I can see.
Speaking of editors; last week Svante threw his keyboard in the trash can here in the office and screamed "I QUIT!" and then ran out and consumed huge amounts of Vodka Cranberry and the odd Carlsberg (Svante did their website in his day job so he's not allowed to drink any other beer) in his favorite bar. I thought he had opened the guestbook again and was editing that but it turned out he had received his one millionth email asking "when will Deep Purple play in my town again?". Please people, the boys running this site are also fans and they know how much you appreciate Deep Purple news. They would never dream of hiding any news for you. In fact, when new tour dates arrive, they are usually up on the site within minutes, even if they arrive in the middle of the night. No one working with this site has any other info than what is available here on the site, you will not get any other info by mailing Svante or anyone else of the other guys working hard trying to make a website. I know all of them would rather work on the site than reply to the same questions over and over (they do like the drinking they do when they get tired of replying to mail though). Thanks guys, hugs and kisses and all that!
Love, Joanna
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