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In 1978 Ian Gillan claimed that he was "Bringing Joanna back". Well, she disappeared again and was not found until the Deep Purple Web Crew brought her back from the kitchen in Rosa's Cantina. We rescued her and dubbed her "Miss Joanna - The Cantina Goddess". From now on Joanna is in charge of all the juicy Deep Purple related gossip.

NOTE: This is gossip. Talk to the news crew for the latest news.

December 5, 1998

It's jamming time again! From what I've been told, a lobbyist from the "Deep Purple Should Jam More Front" who goes under the code name Erik the Viking managed to sneak a copy of the bootleg "Danish Yodel - Beware" into Roger Glover's CD-player. The bootleg contains a crisp quality reel-to-reel recording (no, don't ask me how they managed to sneak that machine inside the venue! Mmmm... Kilts!) of a gig in Denmark in April 1971, and features some top-form jamming from our boys. Glover seemingly liked what he heard, and according to observers, this has resulted in a jam section in "Pictures of Home" which has livened up the set lists.
BTW, if you're living in Latin America, Oceania and/or Japan, you might be seeing Deep Purple jamming in a venue close to you during the first part of next year. But as everything else on this page, this is just rumours...

October 18, 1998

Wembley...practically full house...tight set...posse of teenies at the left side of the stage bopping away...variations on a theme of Smoke from Jon (no Für Elise!)...Lazy most definitely out of bed...Speed king, that old lullaby, who won the duel? Jon or Steve?...absolutely sublime solo from Steve...audience a bit on the static side...seemed to meet the whole Purple family...special hi to Ian's Mum, B, a certain Jaques Cousteau wannabe who was brushed by the lips of Crispian, Elmer Fudd, Colin who really should write something down one day, Moronica, Charlie and the rest...big smooch to Moray who did an awesome job on the sound...well organised bins full of iced beer backstage...and NO bottle openers!!...and helllloooooooo Kiev!

October 12, 1998

One of my informers tell me Sam Brown was seen swapping clothing (well, a t-shirt) with a certain Mr Gillan in the hotel bar in Düsseldorf. Hmmm...

September 20, 1998

I managed to sneak my way into the offices of Rhino Records the other day. It appears they are slating a 4 CD box set for Feb 99 in the US. It is rumored to only cover 68-93, unless a miracle is worked out to get the current line-up's contributions included. It looks like they will be releasing the Machine Head and Made in Japan remasters in the US market in early November. No news of the MK1 box, but they do have the entire rights to the Warner catalog and are very happy about it. Expect to see more DP in US stores (finally)!

August 30, 1998

Newsflash Las Vegas:
Rumor has it that Mr. and Mrs. Glover got a little crazy and renewed their wedding vows in front of the King while in Vegas. No, not Jesus Christ, but a fat Elvis. In celebration, Mr. Glover bought his beloved wife a $12 wedding ring. Way to go, Roger!!

August 16, 1998

This just in from one of my informers in the USA:
"Ian Gillan was questioned and released by local authorities after, allegedly, thumping an overzealous security guard on the head with his microphone. The story goes that after a fan jumped up on the stage to be a bit closer to his heros he was rather rudely ejected from the area. IG having seen the fan being manhandled told the security guard to stop. The plea was ignored and Ian tapped the security goofball with his microphone several times. No injuries were reported. Deep Purple management should be contacted for their perspective and official statement. We were there so we thought that we would let people know what is supposed to have happened. (can you tell that we are law students?:)) A full concert review will follow shortly."

June 29, 1998

One of my correspondents asked his ISP to set up some host names for hit internet machines. The ISP responded:
"194.xx.xxx.xxx - RIPE have rejected your reverse gillan.zzz.co.uk on the grounds that the correct hostname should be coverdale.zzz.co.uk. We are informed that any further requests for fat, opinionated twats will be replaced by the string marc-almond. thereby maximizing embarrassment."
Cheeky ISP! For a siginificant quantity of tequila, I am prepared to reveal which global ISP this is.... ;-)

May 26, 1998

For the Bolin fans amongst us, we may yet be able to buy on those shiny new coasters, rehearsal tapes for the awesomely funky yet dynamically rocking opus 'Come Taste The Band (But Don't Forget the Mouthwash)', should the proprietor of a retro-reissue label survive a vist to Tahoe and the famous, technicolor, Captain Crunch. Captain California. Spaceman Spliff. Whatever.

May 10, 1998

To a Certain Moscow Newspaper
We're pleased that you spread our review of Abandon to 750.000 readers. On the other hand, we're not amused by you stealing the review without quoting where you took it from.
The next time this happens, we want to see a credit. Thanks.
Lotsa luv, Joanna.

May 1, 1998

For an update on the upcoming Deep Purple archive releases coordinated by Simon Robinson, pay a visit to the Deep Purple Appreciation Society (DPAS) pages. They "...aim only to print confirmed news on the various upcoming reissue and archive projects." Heh. Unlike some other Deep Purple web sites I know about, who make it all up as they go along, just to confuse people. Did I mention that the upcoming CD release of "Live in London" now looks like its a 10CD box, with five different remixes of the concert?

April 23, 1998

I accompanied those most excellent CMC dudes round the Eastern seaboard doing an eating, drinking and schmoozing fest with all those four-lettered radio stations these Americans have. It was nice to visit Boston again, and Abandon's "World Premiere" at WDHA in New Jersey (Hi Lenny, you cutie) titillated many callers! Anyhoo, what emerged from all this was that "Any Fule Kno That" is a clear "switchboard lighter-upper" although "Almost Human" and "Whatshername" are running close. After some run-ins with a State Trooper and some trains I made it back to base in one piece.

This album is gonna be BIG! (If only in New England!).

April 7, 1998

Cozy... I'll miss ya, dude! :^(

February 26, 1998

Rumor has it that EMI is still trying to source the tapes that contain Smelly Botty and Painted Horse, but they are confident that the Who Do We think We Are 25th Anniversary Edition will contain unreleased material.

February 25, 1998

It seems like there has been some plotting to release a Deep Purple 30th Anniversary Box Set that would only cover 1968-1974. While we fans would certainly welcome the rumored MKI box set, it's sad to see Purple's former management trying to cash in, yet again, on another Greatest Hits package, especially since it wouldn't even span their entire career. That's what happens when you put money ahead of the band's best interests. Shame on you!
Love, Joanna
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