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In 1978 Ian Gillan claimed that he was "Bringing Joanna back". Well, she disappeared again and was not found until the Deep Purple Web Crew brought her back from the kitchen in Rosa's Cantina. We rescued her and dubbed her "Miss Joanna - The Cantina Goddess". From now on Joanna is in charge of all the juicy Deep Purple related gossip.

NOTE: This is gossip. Talk to the news crew for the latest news.

November 2, 1999

See! It didn't take five months until this update - it took almost six months! You can't expect a woman like me work during the summer, can you?
Anyway, I went to London and wasn't allowed backstage at the RAH but since everyone else was allowed backstage I've gotten plenty of reports about the after-show guests. George Harrison was seen there (and Paicey playing with McCartney? Beatles? I don't get it.) as well as Paul Weller and David Gilmour together with a drunk cast of thousands.
Now on to video news: I overheard the "Total Abandon" Executive Producer say the DP Online Store won't be restocking the TA video, or the "A Band Downunder" video. The Warner's deal isn't happening, and offering it for sale through Deep Purple's own store doesn't fare well with another label that is interested. The only place you may find the "Total Abandon" video is in Australian stores (but only in PAL (Euro/Australian) format), and once these are gone they shouldn't be receiving any more either, until if/when a label picks up the rights. We hopes this can happen before the Xmas season.
That's all for now! Since the boys in the band behave so well and prefer to deliver news and not rumours, don't be surprised if it takes a while before you hear from me again. Meanwhile I'll kick back with a drink dreaming of the RAH concerts and waiting for the DVD of that event. I am also very excited about my very own homepage that the web guys has promised to put together for me. Yeah, yeah - I'll believe that when I see it...

May 16, 1999

Hi all! It's Joanna down under. I just overheard some kangaroos say that the new DP video release is the best live product the band has ever done. It may even be in time for a June 1st release, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Still, it is definitely on it's way, with a possible companion video to be available, "For Fans Only" which will chronicle the complete Oz experience. My spies have located the top secret vault that contains the tapes and they hope to crack the combination soon, so watch this space!
Stay tuned boys and girls! I promise it won't be 5 months until my next dose of gossip!
Love, Joanna
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