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In 1978 Ian Gillan claimed that he was "Bringing Joanna back". Well, she disappeared again and was not found until the Deep Purple Web Crew brought her back from the kitchen in Rosa's Cantina. We rescued her and dubbed her "Miss Joanna - The Cantina Goddess". From now on Joanna is in charge of all the juicy Deep Purple related gossip.

NOTE: This is gossip. Talk to the news crew for the latest news.

December 10, 1997

One of my trusty informers listened in on an interview Jon Lord did with the magazine Keyboard on Dec. 5. My informer tells me that Jon said something about his old stuff getting a proper remastering and re-release. Hopefully by the middle of next year.

October 3, 1997

"Several art connoisseurs have contacted me after I published the link to that Hans Memling-picture portraying the renaissance-reincarnation of Ritchie (see below). They all keep telling me its a forgery! And indeed, I've done a little research, and finally found that it was manipulated.
Before I give you the correct link to the real painting, I should also add that several people claim the person on the right to "Ritchie" is a dead ringer for Roger Glover, and that this probably proves: a) that reincarnation exists b) that there probably was a Dutch minstral gang called "Diep Piurple" or something in that vein doing the rounds at the local inns and broth... excuse me, hostels in those days.
Anyway, the genuine painting is to be found by clicking here."

September 30, 1997

"It's finally been proved: Ritchie Blackmore has lived before. In an earlier life, the ghosts, spirits and castles-obsessed guitar player lived in the Netherlands, and modelled for renaissance painter Hans Memling, as you'll see if you follow this link. What crimes this ancestor of his committed to deserve being reborn as Ritchie Blackmore is up to anyone's guess."

"The Electronic Telegraph informs us that bus driver Chris Cox who once drove Deep Purple around Europe in a tour bus now works for Tony Blair. Is that good or bad?"

August 4, 1997

"Simon Robinson's brother, Nick, has revealed that the next Deep Purple-related project from Simon's RPM Records will be an "Official Bootleg"-release of a live gig in Sheffield from 1974. Keep reading The Highway Star for more info on this!"

"Connoisseur have deleted the Roger Glover Elements/Mask twofer on CD so snap 'em up as you see 'em"

"There are vicious rumours concerning Bernie Torme and his solo project, including the faint possibility of some club dates in the UK. I'm there, people!"

"Roger Glover - if he can't produce it, he'll be related to it! We recently discovered that he's related to the bass player in Kula Shaker - Alonzo. Now there's a good Welsh name for you, boyo"
Love, Joanna
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