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Deep Purple: In Profile

First off, I want to say to Simon, et al, a SUPERB job once again!!! Any criticisms I have are very minor!! :)

Sound quality is such an improvement, I cannot begin to thank you all enough. I have always been a big fan of Mk I, especially the third album, so to finally see these albums get the proper "Robinson" treatment is a thrill. The liner notes, as usual, are excellent, and the bonus tracks are all excellent choices as well. I had not heard "Oh No No No" or "It's All Over" before. A shame the former was left off the finyl version of TBOT as it's better than most of side 1. The remix of "Playground" is a big improvement over the Ritchie Blackmore Rock Profile version.

The sound quality on the BBC tracks was an eyeopener as well. I had not expected the songs to sound so good, especially after all these years of listening to my BBC boot. Great version of "Wring That Neck".

I appreciate having the original artwork on the back of the insert, so I can turn it around if I so choose.

Also, it's nice to see Spitfire do something right after the way mangled Uriah Heep's 90s reissues here in the US. However, is the first note of "Listen Learn Read On" botched on all the Spitfire CDs, or is it just mine?

Criticisms? Again these are minor, but here's what I would've done differently:

  1. Used the US cover of "Shades" instead of the UK.
  2. Not repeated the exact same notes on the first page of the insert. Surely some variation could've been used?
  3. Included all of the original pics from the gatefold layout of TBOT.
  4. For us completists, included the single edits of "Kentucky Woman" (which is on the Singles CD), "River Deep, Mountain High", and "April" (both of which, I believe, have yet to be released on CD).
  5. Included Rod's BBC interview that is on the Rarest at the BBC boot.
  6. Redone the layout so that we don't have to skip 3 pages in the middle of the liner notes to find the finish (the album information should've been on the next-to-last page).
  7. I know many will disagree w/ me on this, but I would also have included "Hallelujah" on the third album, even if it includes Ian & Roger, both because it fits DP's sound at the time, and because it's b-side was April.

Finally, I know these albums aren't the same level as "In Rock" or "Machine Head", but I felt Simon was overly critical, almost as if he was making excuses for their existence. The third album, in particular, is one of DP's finest (I still rate it higher than any post-"Burn" album).

All said, I cannot thank Simon, et al, enough for their wonderful treatment of the Mk I albums. Hopefully, this will lead to an official issue of the Inglewood concert!!

Jay Pearson

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