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Deep Purple: In Profile

I wanted to take a minute and tell you the great thrill I had in hearing the remastered first three DP CD's.

I first bought "Shades Of Deep Purple" and "Book Of Taliesyn" back in the mid 70's, but did not play them much because of the poor quality of the recording. There was so much hiss that it would drown out some of the quieter parts, especially on BOT. I never bought the third album because of that - instead getting some of the compilations such as "Marks I & II". As a matter of fact, I have not listened to these old albums since about 1980. To hear songs like "River Deep Mountain High" the way it was meant to be heard is simply awesome. I forgot what great music Mk1 had created back then. I would highly recommend these three CD's to any MKII fans. It will give you the opportunity to see the foundation that had developed for MKII. JL is simply awesome throughout, and RB is ready to bust out in a frenzy! Some of IP's best work are on these CD's.

Of the 15 extra tracks, seven were taken from the BBC sessions. Although the quality of the recordings of the BBC tracks is not as good as the remastered tracks, they will give you a good indication of what DP MK1 was like live. However, I could have done without the Hush (Live US TV). It sounds like someone put a microphone in front of their TV speaker to record this - but it is interesting, nevertheless.

Overall, I'm very glad to add these CD's to my DP collection.

Mike Davis

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