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Deep Purple Studio Albums

Mk I Shades of Deep Purple, September 1968 (UK)
The Book of Taliesyn, December 1968 (US), July 1969 (UK)
Deep Purple, June 1969 (US), November 1969 (UK)
Mk IIa Deep Purple in Rock, June 1970 (UK)
Fireball, May 1971 (US), September 1971 (UK)
Machine Head, March 1972 (UK)
Who Do We Think We Are, February 1973 (UK)
Mk III Burn, February 1974 (UK)
Stormbringer, December 1974 (UK)
Mk IV Come Taste the Band, October 1975 (UK)
Mk IIb Perfect Strangers, October 1984 (Germany)
The House of Blue Light, January 1987 (Germany)
Mk V Slaves & Masters, October 1990 (Germany)
Mk IIc The Battle Rages on..., July 1993 (Europe)
Mk VI None recorded
Mk VII Purpendicular, February 1996 (Europe)
Abandon, May 1998 (Europe)
Mk VIII Bananas, August 2003 (Europe)