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Invokes longing for more

This is the best of the DVD releases to date for a number of reasons: From the viewpoint of this television director/cameraman, I thought this show was more tightly edited, capturing the reactions from the other musicians to the music being played as opposed to simply keeping the shot of who was playing or singing at the time.

I thought the locked down 'pencil cam' shots on Ian Paice and Jon Lord were very effective, especially on Jon. You could see just about all his keyboards and wonderful playing, as well as his facial expressions and hand gestures 'conducting' the band on a nice steady shot. I particularly love the shot of him signaling the end of his solo to Ian Paice during Hush.

Musically, I thought this was a great show as well. I have seen Purple 12 times, and the most recent summer USA tour was the only one I had to miss since Steve joined the band. Ian Gillan sounds better than during any of these performances, with the exception of the Chicago show on the House Of Blues tour, where he was incredible. Jon seemed to have been really charged as well for this show. And what can you say about Steve Morse? He's incredible. Sometimes you can go back and listen to Made In Japan and miss the power of that lineup, but Steve is just as powerful in a somewhat more subtle way, and watching some songs over and over you really realize what the guy is pulling off.

This video also has the best Ian Paice drum solo on any DVD or tape I have seen; a bit longer than the most recent. It was shot beautifully as well. Tight shots of the snare and hi-hat, and great looks at the one handed drum roll. My son is 14 and a drummer of ten years. Although he is a big Paicey fan and has seen him several times on occasion with me, this solo really blew him away, in no small part due to the way it was presented.

The only thing negative really to say (other than not being able to pronounce or understand the DVD title!) is that the show made me long for a full Deep Purple set, not the 75 minute 'greatest hits shed tour' shows we have been getting here in the States the past few years. I think it's time for the band to go back and play for the hard core fans again, playing more new material. This is what made the HOB shows prior to Abandon so incredible.

I think most real fans over here would much rather go to a theater and see a full show, rather then a shorter show with two other bands. In the states this summer, band such as Jethro Tull and Foreigner are playing theaters and selling out everywhere. The Moody Blues are doing the same this fall.

It is cool, however, that the band does care enough about its fan base to keep releasing DVDs such as these. Thanks, guys.

Eric Eisenstein

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