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Camera missing the action

I just got through it all. A lot of great stuff on there. The behind the scenes stuff is a nice package to have. The interviews were good and generally I think this package is a very worthwhile addition to the collection.

The band's performance is extremely good and they seemed to add a bit more oomph in some of the songs. IG's little duet with Steve in SK was hilarious. Most of us have been 'up those stairs' at least once and got the same rebuttal. ;-) I thought it was better than the old At the Hop, or Buddy Holly stuff (but nothing wrong with that either if he had decided to do it instead).

The biggest disappointment for me was in the camera work. As we know the songs so well, and we know the live versions of the songs just as well, we know when the cameras should be switching between the various members when - and who to split-screen and when. There was a lot of brilliant musicianship heard but not seen. A normal fan who buys this might not twig on this as much, but for us, it's a bit of a let down (again). This has nothing to do with the band, just who is in the camera eye when, and 60% of the time it's the wrong guy. :-( They obviously had two static cameras - one on IP from behind left, and JL from front right. I'm no production guy but it would seem to me they might have had those two rolling constantly and could have spliced the leads/solos/fills in where they should have been. Then again, maybe they couldn't. Too much work, etc.

The ultimate sin for me was Paicey doing that brilliant intro into Hey Cisco and the camera never went near they guy practically the whole song. When you have a guy like IP who can waltz his way around a snare drum like he can, and a guy like me and others that can appreciate it, it almost becomes criminal. I found myself screaming at the camera guru to switch to Jon, or Ian or anybody when they should have, and they either finally did 5 - 10 seconds late and you *just* missed the pizzazz, or they didn't at all. We got to see more of JL than on the Melbourne show, but mostly still not at the 'right' times.

Now that being said, the quality of the video is excellent, the band is in great form and as a whole it's something I wouldn't be without. I recommend it highly, but if you're an IP fan, or a JL fan, you'll get those old 'Get on him!' feelings well more than once. Steve seemed to fare much better, and that's great, too. IG fared pretty good and I think he was right on form.

I can't comment too much on the sound. I only heard it through the TV speakers as all my stereo equipment is in the basement right now, and I've yet to get a home theatre set-up. Those of you that do have DTS 5.1 or Dolby 5.1 are probably in for a real treat. Even from the little TV speakers the mix sounded excellent. All members are well represented.

To put it all in perspective, 10 years ago if I had found this video I would have thought I'd been sent to heaven, so I guess one shouldn't complain too loudly. :-)

Thanks for getting it out to us. It is a treat.

Jim Corrigan

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