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Purpendicular Waltz
From: Axel Fischer 
Date: 17 Dec 1995 22:59:08 GMT


I got my advance tape yesterday and here is a small review of the new album and general thoughts on DP w/ Steve Morse.

The new DP album "The Purpendicular Waltz" is unlike everything you ever heard of Deep Purple.

As most of you on this newsgroup know I'm a die-hard Blackmore fan especially when he comes with Rainbow. I like the music Rainbow did much better than the Deep Purple sound, the only exception is the Slaves And Masters and the Perfect Strangers albums which I like as much as the Rainbow stuff.

Based on this the new Deep Purple is breaking new ground for me. It is unlike everything Blackmore ever did and ever will do.

The album is very well produced and technically I'm listening to 5 guys who know to handle their instruments among the best what is available right now.

The album is not AOR, not even hardrock. It is progressive music. Sometimes I have the impression that is sounds like Hawkwind or Pink Floyd stuff.

The whole album is very interesting, definitely no radio play stuff or easy listening. The band created a '90-ties sound that changes from track to track. Not one song is like the other. I don't have the credits for each song but I would say that a lot of influence comes from Steve Morse and Jon Lord.

My problem with the album is, that I'm a Blackmore fan and I like hardrock. I don't like progessive sound.

This is not DP as we used to know it. It's new, it's fresh, it's different, it's controversial, it's open for discussions.

It is so different from the new Rainbow "Stranger In Us All" that I don't want to compare them. Both albums are worlds apart. After hearing the new DP I'm wondering who these guys could make music for so long together, obviously they have totally different opinions on what music in the 90-ties should be.

What is missing on the album is the hint of the touch of genius when played live. The album is so well produced and technically so good, that I can't imagine that it gets better when played live. When Pink Floyd comes on tour I don't expect a genius effort or genius interpretation because everything is so perfect on the studio albums already.

Same is true with the new DP, I don't think the crowd will go bananes when one of the songs from the new album is played live. Everyone will clap their hands and say well done, but the magic spirit will not come alive during these songs. Blackmore albums are good, but they only hint what is possible live on stage. And live the magic comes alive.

Now, that I know the whole story I'm glad that Blackmore left DP to continue to make the music I want to hear. DP is off to a new direction. I can't say if the direction DP is heading in is good or bad, because it is so different, that it doesn't do anything for me anymore. If DP continues in this direction, Blackmore's Rainbow is among the few left who continues to make music in a tradition I want to hear.

I hope on the upcoming tour that DP will play a lot of the new songs from the new album and a lot of songs never before played alive, because I can't imagine them playing Blackmore songs. Steve Morse plays so different from Ritchie that I don't think it's a good idea to play typical Blackmore songs.

Footnote: I agree with Stathis that song #4 "Sometimes Feels Like Screaming" by far the best song on the album is, the worst is #3 "Soon Forgotten", to strange for me.


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