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Deep Purple - Newcastle gig Review in Kerrang! _|_

Deep Purple - Newcastle, City Hall

Thursday, 29 February 1996

I had a quick flick through this week's Kerrang! in the newsagent last night (as I usually do), and there was a fairly short review of the Newcastle gig. I can't remember exactly what they said, but basically the reviewer's opinion was that while he thought the band were playing better than they've played for 20 years, he felt that they concentrated too much on new material and obscure oldies to make it enjoyable for anyone except the die-hard fan (or, as he put it, the Deep Purple "conoisseur").

I guess, from the perspective of the "casual fan", I can see his point. Of course, as a die...um, conoisseur myself, I loved it :-) And, given the reaction of the audience at Brixton on Saturday, the band had no problems at all winning over the crowd! Although, thinking about it, the audience at Cambridge was a bit less open- minded - a lot of people near me seemed pissed off at the absence of "Child In Time", and I got the feeling Ian was getting some barracking down at the front.

The review also made some brief negative comment about the length of solo spots, but I have to say I couldn't agree less! Much as I love Ian Paice's drumming, I've never b een a big fan of drum solos, and this tour was probably the first time I've *ever* been to heavy rock gig with no drum solo! And Jon Lord's solo on Saturday was one of the best I've seen/heard from him on any post-reformation live show/album. Morse's solo spots were just phenominal, and were probably instrumental (no pun intended) in winning the crowd over to the new line-up - the man is just brilliant, and that's coming from someone who wasn't even keen on his solo albums!

I think overall, they gave the gig 3/5. Not as good as the 6/5 I'd give it...:-)

Just a few thoughts from someone who's *still* buzzing from the gig.


Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Newcastle/UK 29/2/96 - Review
From:  mcollins@nyx10.cs.du.edu
(Mike Collins)

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