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The Royal Albert Hall Concerts 1999 - Frequently Asked Questions

Will Ritchie Blackmore perform at this concert?
Ladies and gentlemen, here's Jon Lord:
An invitation has not been extended to RB - why would it? We are not asking DC, GH, RE, NS, JLT or Uncle Tom Cobley [UTC - Ed.]. As I've posted before, we already have a guitarist who has stuck with us for 5 wonderful years of music making, whereas RB left us mid-tour 6 years ago to follow his own star, and to confuse the issue by asking Richie to take part could well be seen as an insult to Steve. Thirdly DP is happening, and with as much joie de vivre as it ever has and more, and without RB. That was then - this is NOW.

Ok, so who will the guests be then?
There has been no official announcement of the guests yet. I guess the band wants it to be a surprise. Steve Morse's website reports that the Steve Morse Band will be at the Royal Albert Hall to play a couple of songs and Dio's website says that Dio will sing a couple of songs from Roger Glover's "Butterfly Ball". The Pete York camp reports that Eddie Hardin and Miller Anderson (singing "Pictured Within" maybe?) will also perform at the RAH. Pete York himself will be present, but is not playing.

What are they going to play?
Good question. This is what we have heard so far:

  • "Scottish Dances" by Malcom Arnold
  • Solo Pieces by the Deep Purple members [with guests]
  • A couple of Deep Purple songs done with the London Symphony Orchestra
  • "Concerto for group and orchestra" by Jon Lord
    Don't be surprised if things are changed.

    Will the concert be filmed or recorded?
    Yes, the concert will be filmed and recorded. We don't know what will happen with the material though.

    Has Malcolm Arnold been invited? Isn't he dead?
    The conductor will be Paul Mann - the assistant conductor of the LSO. Sir Malcolm is alive at a fairly robust 79 [He is actually 77, born October 21st 1921. - Ed.] and is aware of the performances - I invited him a month ago. Commitments allowing, he'll be there.

    Will Total Abandon be sold at the RAH?
    Yes. Both the video and the CD will be sold in the merchandise booths at the RAH.

    Will LSO's polo shirts be sold at the RAH?
    I have no idea.

    Do I really have to wear a tuxedo to get in to this event? Can't I just go in my LSO polo shirt and jeans?
    You can wear whatever you want. There is no dress code at the Royal Albert Hall. Or, I should say - I hope there isn't a dress code because if there is most of the audience will not be allowed in unless the dress code says "t-shirt and jeans".

    Thanks to Jon "Da Man" Lord, Simon Roberts and Thomas Meyer.

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