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Tommy Bolin

Tommy Bolin was an extremely gifted musician who made the ultimate career move on 4th December 1976. He left behind a legacy of recordings covering an entire musical spectrum from jazz to hard rock, from soul to bluegrass.

As with many such artists, those who heard him perform at his best have remained loyal even after nearly twenty years, and many such as myself have had to draw on those expreiences in order to fill out our knowledge. For myself, I came across his work with Deep Purple and it has taken some prodding (thanks Kevin!) to get me to check out more of his work.

Here's my modest contribution to keeping Tommy's vibe alive!

By the way - any reference to the "Official Tommy Bolin Fan Club" should be ignored. Check out the Memorial Jam review for the latest on that. And Trix's page too.

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  • Dealer Bolin/Coverdale

    If you fool around
    With the dealer
    Remember soon
    You'll have to pay
    Running from the dealer
    Trying to save your soul

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