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1997 Tommy Bolin Memorial Concert
By Scott McIntosh

The dates for Glenn Hughes at the Tommy Bolin Tribute Concerts have been changed to August 15 and 16.

Here is what Mike Drumm, president of the Tommy Bolin Archives, posted on "The Bolin Board" at www.tbolin.com:

"A Note from the Desk of TOMMY BOLIN ARCHIVES' President Mike Drumm: Just wanted everyone to know that we have got our lineup for our 1997 TOMMY BOLIN TRIBUTE CONCERTS set at Denver's Bluebird Theater. We are thrilled with the lineup. It is: THE ZEPHYR REUNION performance with all four living original members, plus special guests. Also, we are very proud to have reached agreement with GLENN HUGHES to join us. Glenn will in all likelihood do a 30 minute acoustic performance both nights as well, and just may jam with ZEPHYR. Also, Saturday afternoon, we will have a private meet and greet autograph event. We are in the final stages of developing our SPRING TOMMY BOLIN ARCHIVES NEWSLETTER. It will contain all the details of how you can get a full weekend pass and be in on the whole enchilada. Just make sure you are on our mailing list, and you will get the newsletter. If you can wait, e-mail us here, and we will get you the details about how you can reserve your tickets. It will be incredible."
Mike Drumm
Denver, Co

And then an update:

"Okay, I think we have it right this time. Due to a circumstance beyond our control, the aforementioned dates for the 1997 TOMMY BOLIN TRIBUTE CONCERTS featuring ZEPHYR and GLENN HUGHES have a new and we think final date: AUGUST 15 & 16. Disregard the previous dates of 8/1 & 8/2. Again, we will be sending out our SPRING NEWSLETTER by early May, and this will have all the details as to how and when etc. It is going to be incredible. So plan to join us, spread the word, and make sure we have your actual mailing address so we can send you the newsletter as soon as it is ready."
Mike Drumm
Denver, Co

All right!! Let's get some of you Europeans over here this time. I know of only ONE guy from abroad (England) at last year's Concerts. Let's get all the AMDP'ers to meet, have some brews, etc.

Other details:
Tickets can be bought through the Bluebird Theater or through Ticketmaster (and probably through TicketWeb - Svante). I'll repost if details change.

Also appearing : John Teasar, friend and lyricist, and Norma Jean Bell (Sax player with Mahavishnu Orchestra, and the "Tommy Bolin Band" -- She's on "Private Eyes" too). Not to mention Tommy's brother Johnnie Bolin on drums (John is currently touring with Black Oak Arkansas).

Make your travel plans and get your tickets early! The Bluebird Theater only holds about 500 people. It's an awesome intimate venue, and seeing Glenn Hughes there will be amazing! I've heard he'd do "his own thing", which probably means supporting songs from "Addiction". But of course he'd HAVE to do "This Time Around", "Owed to G", and "Gettin' Tighter" -- since he's does those in concerts anyway.

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Hear 'em Howl!

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