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From: (BAsec5)
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Re: Horn musicians on new live DP CD?
Date: 28 May 1997 06:25:19 GMT

Garry Smith (garry@caleyjag.demon.co.uk) wrote:

> He was 100% correct, of course - it was a
> fabulous show -  but I'd be curious to know
> all the background to it - how it was added to
> the tour, where the horn section came from, and
> how it came to be recorded.

At the end of the first show the promotors asked
us to come back for a special show and we thought
why not? The Olympia is a legendary place - we
played there in 69 or 70 - and it would be good to
visit it again. The idea of working with other
musicians is not new, we just never got around to
doing it. The horn players were recruited by the
promotor and are part of a Parisian late night chat
show on TV, so they were well equipped to deal with
our music. They were great.

Having said all that, how could we not record it?

Look good,

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