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From: mikekeo@concentric.net (RicardO)
Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Date: 10 Aug 1997 00:54:32 GMT

Yes I know I am behind the amdp times as this is old hat by now and all amdp people have a copy but I am always a bit late on these things anyhow! This was a very unique review as it was done while I was driving 80 mph between Utah and Nevada. Try taking notes while doing that!! I am glad there was no other traffic around and I only went off the road twice! Lucky for me I was driving a rental car! :-) I just had to go drop $2 (yes that is Two dollars), in a slot machine 110 miles away! I am truly the last of the big spenders!

I must admit I was nervous about this "horn" thing on the show but I was really pleasantly impressed.

FIREBALL- Great opener and the crowd seems to be pumped up. Gallons sounds GREAT and PAICEY displays a talent that far surpasses all other drummers of this era (IMO). Is he using a double bass? Rog really comes thru the mix well here and is really solid! TOMATO serves up some of his finest work here too!

MIL-Steve Morse squeals his way thru here and the squealing gets a bit annoying to me but this is really a tight tune and his chops are amazing. Gillan just singin up a storm! DP has not sounded this tight for a long time!

POH- Steve delivers more good solos and Rog jumps in the action with that classic bass break. An extended jam at the end is a great surprise and the new DP sound begins to get more solid here.

BK- Typical version and nothing really jumps out at me on this one, except the fact that I just ran off the **&^%$$## road and almost killed myself!

CASCADES- JL opens up with a solemn (sp??) intro and the band ignites this tune to a real scorcher! I notice the horns here and they really sound great! Very tastefully used. REAL GOOD!!! Steve's solo here is truly an awe inspiring event! He even does some volume swells for some added textures. WOW!

SIFLS-Great dynamics from the band here and it sounds like someone is singing with Ian. Is that true?? I only have a copy and not the cd so I do not know what the credits are.......

WFT- Great to hear this live, but something is missing to me here.

NO ONE CAME- Second solo from Steve is kinda weak but the horns are great!

P_WALTZ- Gillan just amazes me. To think I was never much of a fan of him prior to this incarnation of DP!

ROSA'S- This song is not one of my faves from the album and still reminds me of a Doors tune......

SOTW-Jon's piano at the end is the hight light for me. I have heard enough live versions of this however.

WABMC- Satch played this with much more emotion and power but Steve does a swell job too.

SK- Gillan has a bit of trouble here but manages to still pull it off. JL/SM do battle with some great chops from both guys! Paicey's solo is good but I have heard better. He still smokes the skins though! I am still impressed with how Steve uses his "banjo" to compliment Gillan's voice. Almost like a second voice harmonizing with Ian! Impressive!!

PS- Good

CISCO- Another real smoker/killer/barn burner!! Paicey really kills me here!

HS-Good but nothing special. Steve does the fast riff at the end of the solo very clean and precise! I think even the old banjo player would like it!

So there you have the show as heard while driving along I-80 just outside of SALT LAKE CITY where I am headed to again Monday! Here are some further thoughts of the new DP and LATO.

  • Steve plays MK II songs with a happy lighter feel to it than the "other guy" did. The "OTHER GUY" was a more in-your-face kinda player and a much more agressive feel and that is what I really prefer. Plus there is a major difference in tone too. I have said this before and I will repeat myself again....I still prefer RB over SM, but Steve is a GREAT player. He has added yet another flavor to the band and the direction has expanded a bit in the writing and I like the results. I just can't get into the MK II stuff without the "other guy'" playing.
  • Steve has a "signature" series of riffs that seem to turn up in every song too. They are the ascending runs that rip the frets off and leave a fire trail on the neck.
  • DP still blows away the competition (zep, etc........)and are a much more consitant performance these days.
  • The horn section was so good I was hoping they would get a solo in Highway Star! :-) Keep in mind i do not like horns either!
  • Hope to see Place in Line added the next tour.
  • The ultimate reunion for me would be to have all the surviving members of DP do a show ONE TIME ONLY and televise it! That would be truly an historic event!!!!!


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